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Mansfield Park

The third novel published in 1814 is the most controversial of Austen’s novels. It was not received by the audience of her time and has not been particularly popular with film artists of today. Its first adaptation appeared in 1983. The ITV production for BBC was directed by David Gilles and consists of six episodes. It was appreciated by Austen purists as it retains the narrative voice of the original novel.

Another adaptation is a feature film by Miramax released in 1999. This version directed by Patricia Rozema was not well received by Janeites,18 as it shows some controversial themes as slavery or drug use, and builds mainly on the central couple – Fanny and Edmund.

The latest Mansfield Park, written by Maggie Wadey, was produced in 2007 by ITV as a television film. It was aired as a part of Jane Austen Season19 in Britain and as a part of Masterpiece Theatre in the US. This production is considered unelaborated because it imitates the 1999 version and uses costumes from other adaptations.

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