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Works Consulted

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  1. English Resumé

The thesis maps creation of adaptations of novels written by Jane Austen. It is based on the overview of the development of adaptation as a genre that developed simultaneously with the film in general. It outlines some of the theories that arose from the cooperation, or competition, between the literature and film. It mentions issues concerning “fidelity” of the adaptation to its original, as well as some prejudices according to which literature considers itself superior to film.

The chapter on adaptations of Austen’s work gives total account of the adaptations. Her popularity among filmmakers has culminated in the recent years. The adaptation of Sense and Sensibility from 1996 by Ang Lee was one of the first contemporary film adaptations of Austen’s work. It received favourable response from both, the scholars as well as lay audience. The case study of the adaptation is central for the thesis. It aims to show that the alternations of the original text are reasonable, because they arise from the natural attempt to bring the novel closer to the modern audience.

After years of struggle between literature and film, it seems that the two have reached symbiotic coexistence. From literature film borrows stories and characters that have proved to be working, and provides literature with wider readership as well as new prospective for its studies.

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