Mary and John Passenger Lists

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Mary and John Passenger Lists
The Mary & John left England in March of 1630 and arrived seventy days later, on May 30, 1630, at the mouth of what is now Boston harbor. The ship's captain refused to sail up the Charles river as planned, because he feared running the ship aground in waters that he had no charts for. He instead left the passengers in a desolate locale miles from their intended destination. The settlors were forced to transport 150,000 pounds of livestock, provisions and equipment 20 miles overland to their final destination.
These are two suggested passenger lists for the ship Mary & John that Bygod Eggleston and his sons probably traveled on to reach the New World in 1630. These lists were compiled by the authors from a variety of sources. No actual recorded passenger list from the Mary & John has come to light and there remain many questions as to who actually sailed on this ship and who came on subsequent ships. Some of the people on these lists have later been proven not to have traveled on the Mary & John. For more information see "Search for the Passengers of the Mary & John 1630" Vols. 1 - 26, published by The Mary & John Clearing House and available in many library genealogy collections.
Banks = is Charles E. Banks in "Planters of the Commonwealth"-1930, in Honor of the Boston Tercentary, 1630-1930
Kuhns = is Maude Pinney Kuhns from "The Mary & John"
(*) = Approximate Date

(w) = wife

(s) = son

(d) = daughter

Born Banks Kuhns Other

Samuel Allen 1610* NL Yes

Thomas Bascom 1615* Yes Yes
Roger Clapp 1609 Yes Yes
Aaron Cook 1613 Yes Yes
Nicholas Denslow 1573 Yes Yes
Elizabeth Doling (w) 1584 Yes Yes
Temperance Denslow (d) 1609 NL NL
Joan Denslow (d) 1622 NL NL
Mary Dover 1615* NL NL
John Drake 1600 Yes Yes
Elizabeth _____ (w) 1602* Yes Yes
Elizabeth Drake (d) 1621 NL Yes
Mary Drake (d) 1622 NL Yes
Jon Drake (s) 1623 Yes Yes
John Drake (s) 1625 Yes Yes
Jacob Drake (s) 1624 Yes NL
Nathaniel Duncan 1586 Yes Yes
Elizabeth Jourdain (w) 1594* Yes Yes
Nathaniel Duncan, Jr. (s) 1620 Yes Yes
Peter Duncan (s) 1629 Yes NL
George Dyer 1579 Yes Yes
Abigail ____ (w) 1581* Yes Yes
Elizabeth Dyer (d) 1615 Yes NL
Mary Dyer (d) 1617 NL Yes
Bygod Eggleston 1586/7 NL Yes
James Eggleston (s) 1620* NL Yes
Samuel Eggleston (s) 1620* NL Yes
John Eggleston (s) 1625* NL NL Yes
Elizabeth Ferguson 1612* NL Yes
Thomas Ford 1589 Yes Yes
Elizabeth Charde (w) 1587 Yes Yes
Mary Ford (d) 1612 Yes Yes
Joan Ford (d) 1617 Yes Yes
Abigail Ford (d) 1619 Yes Yes
Hepzibah Ford (d) 1625 Yes Yes
Walter Fyler 1612* NL NL
Ann Fyler 1610 NL NL
Humphrey Gallup 1600* Yes Yes
Anne ____ (w) 1602* Yes NL
John Gallup 1590 Yes Yes
William Gaylord 1585 NL Yes
__________ (w) 1595 NL Yes
William Gaylord, Jr. (s) 1617* NL Yes
Elizabeth Gaylord (d) 1618* NL Yes
Samuel Gaylord (s) 1619 NL Yes
John Gaylord (s) 1621 NL Yes
Walter Gaylord (s) 1626 NL Yes
Giles Gibbs 1604* Yes Yes
________ (w) 1608* Yes Yes
Gregory Gibbs (s) 1628 Yes Yes
Jonathon Gillett 1610* Yes Yes
Nathan Gillett 1613* NL Yes
Mathew Grant 1602* NL Yes
Priscilla ______ (w) 1604* NL Yes
Priscilla Grant (d) 1626 NL Yes
John Greenway 1585* Yes Yes
Mary _____ (w) 1587* Yes Yes

Elizabeth Greenway (d) 1609* Yes NL

Ann Greenway (w) 1611* Yes NL
Susannah Greenway (w) 1615* Yes NL
Katherine Greenway (w) 1622* Yes NL
William Hannum 1600 Yes Yes
William Hayden 1616 NL Yes
William Hill 1595 Yes NL
Sarah Jourdain (w) 1598 Yes NL
Sarah Hill (d) 1621 Yes NL
William Hill, Jr. (s) 1623* Yes NL
Ignatius Hill (s) 1624* Yes NL
James Hill (s) 1626* Yes NL
Thomas Holcomb 1601 NL Yes
John Holman 1602 Yes Yes
John Hoskins 1585 Yes Yes
Thomas Hoskins (s) 1610 Yes Yes
William Hulbert 1614 NL NL
George Hull 1590 Yes Yes
Thomas Lombard 1581 NL NL
______ (w) 1583 NL NL
Bernard Lombard (s) 1608 NL NL
Thomas Lombard, Jr. (s) 1617 NL NL
Joshua Lombard (s) 1620 NL NL
Margaret Lombard (s) 1623 NL NL
William Lovell 1600* Yes Yes
Wyborough (w) 1602* Yes Yes
Roger Ludlow 1590 Yes Yes
Mary Cogan (w) 1604 Yes Yes
John Maverick 1578 Yes Yes
Mary Gye (w) 1580 Yes Yes
Elias Maverick (s) 1604 Yes NL
Mary Maverick (d) 1609 Yes NL
Moses Maverick 1611 Yes NL
Abigail Maverick (d) 1613 Yes NL
Antipas Maverick (s) 1619 Yes NL
John Moore 1613* Yes Yes
William Phelps 1599 Yes Yes
Anne _____ (w) 1601* Yes Yes
William Phelps, Jr. (s) 1620 Yes Yes
Sarah Phelps (d) 1623 Yes Yes
Samuel Phelps (s) 1625 Yes Yes
George Phelps 1605 Yes Yes
Richard Phelps 1609 NL Yes
Humphrey Pinney 1611* Yes Yes
William Rockwell 1590 Yes Yes
Susan Capen (w) 1602 Yes Yes
Joan Rockwell (d) 1625 NL Yes
John Rockwell (s) 1627 Yes Yes
Edward Rossiter 1575 Yes Yes
_______ (w) 1577 Yes Yes
Jane Rossiter (d) 1614 Yes Yes
Joanne Rossiter (d) 1616 NL Yes
Nicholas Rossiter 1599 NL NL
Anne _______ (w) 1601* NL NL
Edward Rossiter (s) 1628 NL NL
Bryan Rossiter 1610 Yes Yes
Elizabeth Alsop (w) 1612* NL NL
Hugh Rossiter 1615 NL Yes
Richard Southcoat 1600* Yes Yes
Thomas Stroughton 1592 NL Yes
Thomas Stroughton, Jr. (s) 1624 NL Yes
John Strong 1613* NL Yes
Richard Silvester 1608* Yes Yes
Stephen Terry 1608 Yes Yes
Thomas Tolamn 1608 NL NL
Nicholas Upsall 1605 Yes Yes
Dorothy Capen (w) 1607* Yes Yes
John Warham 1592 Yes Yes
Cecelia Hatche (w) 1594 Yes Yes
Samuel Warham (s) 1616* NL Yes
Mary Warham (d) 1618* Yes NL
Susannah Warham (d) 1620* Yes NL
Henry Way 1583 Yes Yes
Elizabeth _____ (w) 1585 Yes Yes
Elizabeth Way (d) 1608 NL Yes
Henry Way, Jr. (s) 1610 Yes Yes
Suzannah Way (d) 1621 Yes NL
Richard Way (s) 1624 Yes Yes
Samuel Way (s) 1626* Yes Yes
Roger Williams 1605* Yes Yes
Henry Wolcott 1578 Yes Yes
Elizabth Saunders (w) 1584 Yes Yes
Henry Wolcott, Jr. (s) 1610 Yes Yes
Christopher Wolcott (s) 1615* NL Yes
George Wolcott (s) 1621* Yes Yes

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