Martin Luther King a short biography Complete with the elements at the bottom

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Martin Luther King – A short biography

Complete with the elements at the bottom

_____________________________ was born in January 1929 in Atlanta, _______________, in the _______________ of the USA.

His _______________ was a minister in the _______________ church. At only 15, he went to Morehouse _______________ in Atlanta. At _______________, he became a minister like his father. He went to Boston University for a doctorate in _______________ . He married ____________ ____________ in 1953, then started _______________ in Montgomery, Alabama.

In 1955, in Montgomery, a _______________ woman called Rosa Parks was arrested because she was sitting in the front of a __________ , where blacks were not allowed. MLK and other leaders organized a _______________ of the buses: it was the start of the _________________________ movement.

After one year of boycott, the US _____________________ declared bus _______________ was illegal.

In _______________ King became president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference to fight for desegregation . He was very _________ working for civil rights, giving speeches, signing books, travelling constantly, organizing sit-ins and going to prison repeatedly. In August 1963, King organized a _______________ in Washington to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of _______________. At the foot of the Lincoln Memorial, he gave the greatest speech of his career: _____________________
In November 1963, US President _______________ _______________ was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

In July 1964, President _______________ signed the Civil Rights Act. In October 1964, at the age of 35, Dr Martin Luther King Jr got the _______________ Peace Prize after fighting so hard for ______________ between black people and white people. In 1966, more ____________ movements emerge with people like the Black Panthers and Malcolm X. The slogan ‘_________________’ is created.

On April 4th 1968, the man who had always insisted on the need for _______________ , the charismatic __________ of the civil rights movement was shot dead in Memphis, _______________. King’s death at the age of 39 provoked terrible _______________ in the country. On his tomb was written: ‘_________________________’ . The anniversary of his death is now a national _____________.
17 / 1957 / Baptist / Black Power / black / boycott / bus / busy / civil rights / College / Coretta Scott / equality / father / Free at last / Georgia / holiday / I have a dream / John Kennedy / Johnson / leader / march / Martin Luther King Junior / Nobel / non-violence / preaching / radical / riots (émeutes) / segregation / slavery / south / Supreme Court / Tennessee / theology.

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