Marshal, James -b. 1699 Died Feb 11, 1748. 49 age 49yrs marshal, Jane b. 1726 Died Feb 1, 1774 age 48yrs

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MARSHAL, James -b. 1699 Died Feb 11, 1748.49 age 49yrs
MARSHAL, Jane - b.1726 Died Feb 1, 1774 age 48yrs
MARSHAL, John - b. 1690 Died Jan 6, 1771 age 81yrs

Lancaster County PA Militia 1776

Captain, 7th Company, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Militia, 1777
The Pennsylvania Militia, 1777-1783, was organized under an act of March 7, 1777, ..
Watson, James (Pa). Colonel Pennsylvania Militia in 1777. Watson, James (Pa).

Captain Pennsylvania Battalion of the Flying Camp, July to December, 1776

Officers Second Battalion 1777 Pennsylvania
Colonel -- James Watson Lancaster Co

Lt Col. -- James Porter

Major -- Dorrington Wilson

Fife Major -- Alexander Russel

Seventh company.

Captain—Patrick Marshall.

First Lieutenant—John Caldwell.

Second Lieutenant—William Cnlhoun.

Ensign—William Bigham.<<<<<< Bingham????? poss Andrew Bigham II (1760-1834)

Eighth company.

September 11, 1777

Battle of Brandywine

Militia of MD and VA called to assist had not arrived yet



Sullivan, who commanded the American right, marched with three divisions to intercept Cornwallis

the British loss in killed and wounded was given about 600. That of the Americans was greater: but as no returns were ever made, it was never accurately ascertained.

Congress and the Board of War had adopted the policy of ordering an inquiry into the condut of every officer who failed of success.
This battle was right in the backyard of the Marshall family.


Lt. Colonel


Fife Major


1st Lieutenant

2nd Lieutenant


Brandywine Sullivan
The new owner of the tavern, Abraham Marshall, had just retired as a captain of a musketry company in the Pennsylvania militia under Colonel Samuel J. Atlee a year earlier.
Marshall, Abraham, appointed March 15, 1776, commission

dated April 6, 1776; resigned July 12, 1776.

Capt. John Murray, of Paxtang township, Lancaster county (now Dauphin), was the first captain appointed on the 7th of March, followed by John Marshall, of the same county, on the same day
Moses Marshall Esq surgeon Rev War Brandywine Botanist

son of James Marshall and Sarah James younger bro of Humphry botanist

born 30 Nov 1758 West Bradford Chester Co

dide 1 Oct 1813

grandson of Abram Marshall who came from Derbyshire England to Darby Deleware about 1697

a few years later Abram bought land on the west branch of the Brandywine near the forks where he died in 1767. Abram Marshall a descendant lives there now (1899)

Valentine Hollingsworth Upper Darby Del Co Pa and son Samuel came to in 1682
72. ELIZABETH, *b. 7th mo. 21, 1826; m. llth

mo. 8, 1862, Lewis Marshall, b. 4th mo. 2, 1819;

son of Humphrey and Mary (Underbill) Marshall,

and grand-son of Samuel and Rachel Pierce

Marshall. Post Office, Northbrook, Chester

County, Pa.

John Marshall

Subseries 2: LINE ACCOUNTS, 1775-1809. (15 boxes)

microfilm rolls #0142-0150
box 1
2.) Pa. Musquetry Battalion:

General (1 folder)

Marshall's (McClellan) Company (1 folder)

3.) Pa. Rifle Regiment:

box 2
3b.) 2nd Battalion:

Marshall's Company (1 folder)

7. Certificates for Funded Debt Reported to Commissioners

of Investigation per John Nicholson as in his possession.

Also: Certificates returned by J. Marshall, undated. l vol.

Distribution Vouchers, l784-1785 (2 Boxes)

box 2 Washington County (Canan, Marshall (end)

Hugh McGough was a soldier—and a good one— in the Pennsylvania Line in the early years of the Revolutionary War. He was among 79 men who enlisted as privates in Captain John Marshall's Pennsylvania Rifle Company in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, in March, April and May of 1776.

Hugh McGough reported to the first assembly of Captain John Marshall's Pennsylvania Rifle Company at the Cross Roads in Drumore township, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, on May 27, 1776
Original Muster Roll Book of the army at Valley Forge, 1778, by Col. William Bradford.

Orderly Books of Pennsylvania State Regiment of Foot, 1777; ...

Orderly Book of the Pennsylvania State Regiment of Foot, May 10 to Aug. ...

16, 1777

Volume 23

page 283

Miss Anna Webster Lytle.

DAR ID Number: 22810

Born in Knoxville, Iowa.

Descendant of John Steele, Col. Alexander Webster, Robert Marshall, Andrew Lytle, Andrew Lytle, Jr., Thomas Hays.

Daughter of James Steele Lytle and Mary Elinore Black, his wife.

Granddaughter of Andrew Lytle (1797-1876) and Helen Webster Steele (1806-88), his wife; William Black and Jane MacMeeken, his wife.

Gr.-granddaughter of Andrew Lytle, Jr., (b. 1744) and Jane Gregg, his wife; John Steele and Elinore Webster (1764-1837) his second wife; Hance MacMeeken and Margaret Marshall, his wife.

Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Andrew Lytle and Mary Stuart, his wife; Alexander Webster and Elinore Burney, his wife; Robert Marshall and Elinor Hays, his wife.

Gr.-gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Thomas Hays and his first wife.

John Steele, (1758-1837), was placed on the pension roll of Washington county, N. Y., 1831, for service of private and scout. He was born in Ireland; came to America, 1764, and died in Salem, N. Y.

Alexander Webster served as captain and colonel of militia. He was elected to the Legislature, 1777, and served to the close of the war, when he was appointed commissioner of forfeitures. He was born in Scotland, 1734; came to America, 1772, and lived in Hebron, N. Y., during the Revolution.

Robert Marshall served in the Lancaster county, Pa., militia, 1781, under Capt. Samuel Cochran and Col. Robert Elder.

Andrew Lytle, (1718-95), served as a private in the New York militia, as did also his son Andrew.

Thomas Hays, (1745-1828), served as a soldier in New Jersey. [p.283] When the colony was overrun by Indians and Tories his family took refuge in a fort near Big Meadows, and his wife moulded bullets. He removed to Cross Creek, Washington county, Pa., where he died.

OTHER john marshall

Volume 20

page 331

Mrs. Cora May Huntington.

DAR ID Number: 19906

Born in Clarence, Iowa.

Wife of Charles Smith Huntington.

Descendant of Capt. John Marshall, of Pennsylvania.

Daughter of Merrick Cumings and Anna King Beattie, his wife.

Granddaughter of John Beattie and Anna Maria Marshall, his wife.

Gr.-granddaughter of Isaac Haddock Marshall and Jane Porter Huston, his wife.

Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of John Marshall and Anna Blair, his wife.

John Marshall, (1756-99), entered the Continental army as ensign in Miles' Pennsylvania rifle regiment, 1776; promoted lieutenant, 1777; captain, 1779, and served to the close of the war. He was born in Ireland; died in Huntingdon, Pa.
Collar, Ann; Young, Thomas; & Haughtham, Thomas York County 1830/01/09 Heirs of Capt. James Marshall, an officer during the Revolutionary War, ask for the commutation of five years full pay in lieu of half pay for life for his service. 207 260 55

Collier, Ann; Haughton, Thomas; & Young, Thomas S. Elizabeth City County 1830/12/17 Heirs of James Marshall, captain during the Revolutionary War in the Virginia State Line, ask for his commutation pay. Includes affidavits. 47 65 74

Ambrose Crain, son of William and Jean Crain, enlisted as a private in Captain John Marshall's company, March 25, 1776, and September 15, 1776, was appointed quartermaster-sergeant of Colonel Samuel Miles's battalion, Pennsylvania line.


Born: 1712, Emmen Valley, Switzerland

Died: 1777 or 1782, Frederick Co. MD

Married: Eleanor Marshall


1. John Yost b. 1743

2. Henry Yost b. 1749

3. Tobias Yost b. c. 1755

4. Susannah Yost b. c. 1759

5. Philip Yost b. c. 1762

Hans Casper Yost was born Hans Casper (or Gasper) Jost in 1712 in Emmen Valley, Switzerland, the son of Christian and Barbara Jost. He immigrated to the American colony of Pennsylvania, as did his three brothers and many other Palatines seeking to escape religious persecution. Upon arrival in Philadelphia, the name Jost was changed to Yost as a result of the English official’s not understanding the German pronunciation of Jost and the apparent illiteracy of Hans and many of the other immigrants. He is listed as Gasper Joust, age 21, on a list of Palatine passengers who arrived in Philadelphia August 17, 1733 on the ship Samuel. Clearance qualified as Hans Casper Joost, August 1733 (see Appendix __). He was bound out to William Moerschel (Marshall) of Lancaster, Pennsylvania for two years after which he married William's daughter, Eleanor. He eventually settled in Lancasterboro, Pennsylvania. See Casper Yost History.

William Moerschel (Marshall) was the son of Toby Moerschel (Marshall) who immigrated from Holland prior to 1700. William Marshall had a daughter, Eleanor, who married Casper Yost shortly after his freedom from his redemption.

Capt Roger Marshall 1600's
OCTOBER, 1646 −−− 21st CHARLES 1st.
AND whereas the maintayneing of the fforts, at least the greater number of them are thought to be of great consequence, In poynt of honour and security of the collony, and yet of great burthen to the inhabitants to be mainteyened by the publique charge, Be it therefore enacted, That the said fortes with the propriety of a competent quantity of land bee granted to particular undertakers, to be maintayned by the severall undertakers, with a sufficient strength of people, with such priviledges for theire encouragement herein as are hereafter mentioned, Be it therefore enacted, That Capt. Abraham Wood whose service hath been employed att fforte Henery, be the vndertaker for the said fforte, vnto whome is granted sixe hundred acres of land for him and his heires for ever; with all houses and edifices belonging to the said fforte, with all boats and amunition att present belonging to the said fforte, Provided that he the said Capt. Wood do maintayne and keep ten men constantly vpon the said place for the terme of three yeares, duringe which time he the said Capt. Wood is exempted from all publique taxes for himselfe and the said tenn persons: And whereas Mr. Thomas Pitt hath a former grant for the said land whereon the forte is built, As alsoe part of the said land hereby granted, it is thought fitt and enacted, That the said Thomas Pitt shall receive a reasonable satisfaction of the countrey for the same.
And it is further enacted and granted, That left. Thomas Rolfe shall have and enjoy for himselfe and his heires for ever ffort James alias Chickahominy fort with fowre hundred acres of land adjoyning to the same, with all houses and edifices belonging to the said forte and all boats and amunition at present belonging to the said ffort; Provided that he the said Leift. Rolfe doe keepe and maintaine sixe men vpon the place duringe the terme and time of three yeares, for which tyme he the said Leift. Rolfe for himselfe and the said sixe men are exempted from publique taxes.
And it is further enacted, That Capt. Roger Marshall shall have and enjoy for himselfe and his heires for ever the ffort Royall alias Ricahack ffort with sixe hundred acres of land adjoyning to the same, with all houses and edifices belonging to the said forte and all boats and amunition belonging to the said ffort; provided that he said Capt. Marshall shall keepe and maintayne ten men vpon the place during the terme and time of three yeares, during which time he the said Capt. Marshall for himselfe and the said tem men are exempted from publique taxes.

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