Mark your answer choices for multiple-choice questions 1 through 4 in the spaces provided

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Mark your answer choices for multiple-choice questions 1 through 4 in the spaces provided.

1. What purpose does repeating the phrase, “and Brutus is an honorable man,” serve in Marc Antony’s first speech?

A. to raise doubt about whether Brutus is an honorable man

B. to emphasize that Marc Antony agrees with Brutus

C. to express Marc Antony’s grief over Caesar’s death

  1. to praise Caesar’s life and accomplishments

This is a DOK 2 because it requires processing of text; the answer isn’t directly stated in the text. CCA 3.8

2. Which two persuasive techniques does Marc Antony use in his first speech?

A. logical reasoning and name-calling

B. emotional appeal and imitation

C. circular reasoning and testimonial

D.rhetorical questions and repetition

This is a DOK 3 because students aren’t just identifying a persuasive technique. They have to determine what is persuasive by finding examples and then have knowledge of the techniques. It involves reasoning. CCA 3.8

3. Marc Antony’s words, “my heart is in the coffin there with Caesar,” are an example of

A. inferred meaning.

B. literal meaning.

C. figurative language.

  1. colloquial language.

This is a Level 2 because it requires some analysis and comprehension of text. CCA 1.1

4. The main purpose of the dialogue between the plebeians is to

A. keep the crowd’s attention.

B. raise doubts about why Caesar was murdered.

C. prove Brutus was an honorable man.

  1. express satisfaction with the new leadership.

This is a Level 2 because students have to understand author’s purpose. CCA 3.2

KY – Grade 4 – Form 1m – 2003-2004

Open Response

Marc Antony uses evidence to convince the crowd that Caesar was not ambitious.

a. Identify three examples of the evidence that Marc Antony uses to support his

claim that Caesar was not ambitious.

b. Explain why these examples are effective support for his claim.

This is a Level 3 because students have to evaluate Anthony’s use of evidence in the speech. CCA 3.7

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