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Mark Twain Web Quest
To start the webquest go to: http://www.dtc.scott.k12.ky.us/schs/wilson.html Click on “Mark Twain” to begin.
Mark Twain Biography

1. List at least two major events Mark Twain witnessed in his lifetime.

2. What is Mark Twain’s real name? When and where was he born?

3. As a young child, how did the time on his uncle’s farm influence his life?

4. What happened when Mark Twain was eleven? (List two things)

5. What did Mark Twain do at the age of 18?

6. What new career did he embark on in 1857?

7. What did he do in July of 1861? How did these events influence his later writings?

8. When does he first use his pen name “Mark Twain”?

9. What is Mark Twain’s first big break?

10. Explain how Mark Twain met his wife.

11. Why did Mark Twain move his family to Connecticut?

12. “In ________________ Sam’s focus turned more towards ____________________ ________________________.”

13. What was The Gilded Age about?

14. While living in Connecticut, Mark Twain completed five of his most famous works. They are listed below. Fill in the year each one was published and explain why each one is a social commentary. The first two will share the same explanation.

  • A Connecticut Yankee in King Author’s Court (________)

  • Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (________)

15. Other than its success, what is significant to Mark Twain about Huckleberry Finn?

16. Why was Mark Twain’s financial success short-lived?

17. Why did the Clemenses never return to their Hartford home?

18. What did Mark Twain and his family do from 1891-1900?

19. How did Mark Twain’s writings change in his latter years? What was their focus?

20. How did these writings affect his career?

21. When did Samuel Clemens die?

22. According to the last paragraph, list three ways Mark Twain’s writings are of value.
Mark Twain Potpourri

23. Go back to the main page of the webquest. Click on the link labeled “Mark Twain Meaning.” What does Mark Twain mean?

24. Why do you think that Samuel Clemens chose the pen name “Mark Twain”? Give more than one reason below.

25. Go back to the main page of the webquest. Click on the link labeled “Mark Twain and Halley’s Comet.” Read the quote by Mark Twain about Halley’s Comet. What is the connection between Mark Twain and Halley’s Comet?

26. Review his biography. Mark Twain was correct in his statement about Halley’s Comet: TRUE or FALSE

Satire in Huck Finn

27. Go back to the webquest homepage and click on the link that says “Satire.” What is satire? What is the purpose of satire? (This should be review. You should have learned this last year in sophomore English.)

28. Go back to the webquest homepage and click on the link that says “Satire in Huck Finn.” What method does Mark Twain use to expose the problems he saw in society?

29. What is the beauty of using satire?

30. “The novel was both a _________________ of ____________________ and a serious ______________________ _________________________________.”

31. The last sentence of that paragraph lists several social issues Twain satirizes. List them below. You should have a total of four.

32. Skip six paragraphs. Read the paragraph that begins with “Twain uses satire to expose…” Explain how Mark Twain uses satire to create awareness of issues faced by African Americans. Use the back of the paper to write your response.

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