Mark Twain Scavenger Hunt

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Mark Twain Scavenger Hunt

This worksheet contains links to five different websites which provide information about Mark Twain’s life and views. Follow the link to each website and find the answers to all of the questions listed below each link. You do not need to write in complete sentences. Compare your answers to our class brainstorm about Mark Twain’s life and personality to see if your predictions were correct!

  1. What was Mark Twain’s birth name?

  1. Where and when was Mark Twain born?

  1. What job did Twain take on at the age of 11 and how do you think this could have affected his world view?

  1. What was Twain’s first famous story and where did writing this story lead him in life?

  1. Describe Twain’s steamship tour. Where did he go and who did he meet?

  1. What was his novel, The Gilded Age about?

  1. Where did Twain write some of his most famous novels?

  1. List three of his most famous novels and write a short description of what each were about.

  1. What tragedies did Twain suffer in his life and how do you think these events could have affected his writing?

  1. What does “Mark Twain” mean and how does it relate to the author’s life/ jobs?

  1. Who did Twain marry and what became of his children?

  1. Read a few of Mark Twain’s quotations on education and write your favorite quotation that you found below.

  1. After picking a particularly interesting quotation, find a reputable website online that describes how Mark Twain felt about public education. Write the link below and a brief summary of what you found.

  1. How does the quotation that you found relate to what Mark Twain believed about public education?

  1. Name two different conditions that influenced American Romanticism.

  1. What were the literary themes emphasized in Romantic literature?

  1. When did American Realism come about?

  1. What are the key ways that Realism directly opposes Romanticism?

  1. Which characteristics of Realism do you think can be found in Huckleberry Finn?

  1. List five famous American Realists.

** List another interesting fact that you learned about Twain through this scavenger hunt:

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