Mark E. Wildermuth, Ph. D. Curriculum Vita

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Mark E. Wildermuth, Ph.D.

Curriculum Vita
4136 E, 52nd St. #1006

Odessa, TX 79762

(432)-363-0308 (H)

(432)-552-2296 (O)


Ph.D. in 18th C. British Literature, University of Wisconsin, Madison

M.A. in English, George Mason University, VA

B.A. in English, George Mason University, VA
Professional Work Experience
Aug. 2004-Present

Professor of English, UTPB
Sept. 1998-2004

Associate Professor, University of Texas of the

Permian Basin
Sept. 1992 - Aug. 1998

Assistant Professor, University of Texas of the

Permian Basin
Sept. 1991-May 1992

Adjunct, University of Wisconsin at Madison

Honors and Related Professional Activities

President’s Award for Outstanding Research, 2010
UT Chancellor’s Award for Best Teacher, 2009
Center for Instructional Development Faculty Award 2005
Kathlyn Cosper Dunagan Fellowship in the Humanities, 2000-Present
La Mancha Award for Research with Promise, 1995
Reviewer of articles submitted for publication to The Eighteenth Century:

Theory and Interpretation

Courses Taught
Undergraduate: Composition I and II; British Lit. Survey I; Theoretical Approaches to Literature; Film as Literature; Eighteenth-Century Women Poets; Eighteenth-Century Poetics; Probabilism and the Eighteenth-Century Novel; The Age of


Graduate: Pope and the Scriblerians. Samuel Johnson and the Age of Print; The Age of Johnson; Film , Fiction and Chaos

Theory; Posthumanity and Film; Trauma Theory and Film; Teaching Composition; Eighteenth-Century Graduate

Level Survey

Directory: vpaa -> ief -> documents
documents -> Huma 4301. 791 Virtual Reality in the 21
documents -> 432 552-2344 Office: mb 3232 lead 4379
documents -> History 3335. 001 Modern Germany fall 2014 tt 12: 30-1: 45 mesa 4250 Prof. Roland Spickermann
documents -> Megan Gooding Formal Education and Training
documents -> Marianne Berger Woods, Phd profile
documents -> Hist 6367. 501 Race and Racism in the us and South Africa Syllabus – Spring 2015
documents -> Derek Charles Catsam
documents -> History 1302. 002: United States History Since 1877 Syllabus – Spring 2014
documents -> History 4389. 002. 2158 British Empire, 1689-1815 Fall 2015 Instructor: Dr. Vanderford Office hours
documents -> History 3343. 001. 2158 United States Early National, 1789-1815 Fall 2015 Instructor: Professor Vanderford Office Hours

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