Maritime Museum Emergency and Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Manual

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1. Form a disaster team NOW if you do not already have one.
2. With the teams help, assess the vulnerability of your site and collections to emergencies and disasters.
3. Formulate a preparedness plan.
4. Stockpile essential emergency equipment and materials.
5. Formulate a recovery plan.
6. Practice management and recovery actions of the plan.
7. Update the plan and review it with staff on an ANNUAL basis.
8. Perform a post‑disaster assessment after every occurrence and revise the plan accordingly. Present the revised plan to staff for review and suggestions.
9. Reorder emergency supplies used in the disaster and modify the supply list based on the experience.
10. Rehearse the revised plan.

The sections that follow will guide you in writing or updating your emergency/disaster preparedness and recovery plan. Although it can be time‑consuming task, you owe it to your institution, your collections, and your profession to have such a plan and to make sure that everyone is familiar with its contents.

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