Maritime Museum Emergency and Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Manual

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While it is impossible to predict most emergencies, adequate supplies and equipment can be assembled beforehand. Often necessity will be the mother of invention. Suggested supplies and equipment include:
3 Generator with fuel to run it

3 Pumps for firefighting and bilge

3 Dock lines (wire, chain, buoys)

3 Shackles, thimbles, cable clamps

3 Come‑alongs, tackles, grip hoists

3 Chafing gear (including old rags, water hose, etc.)

3 Anchors

3 Fenders (tires, camels)

3 Work boat or float (with means to launch it if not kept in the water)

3 Torches (with protective gear,) bolt cutters, axes, pry‑bars, sledge hammers, chain saws

3 Pipe plugs

3 Red Hand (epoxy putty), sheet lead, tube caulking (Boat Life works under water), steel plate, timbers

3 Lights (portable)

3 Tarps, both canvas and reinforced plastic

3 Odds and ends of lumber

3 PFD's (personal flotation devices), hard hats, gloves, adequate footwear

3 Hand‑held VHF radios

3 Marine radios

3 Fire extinguishers

3 Oil spill protection booms, pads, and Speedy Dry

3 Breathing equipment

3 Fire proof clothing

Outside assistance may be neededsalvage and marine construction companies, National Guard, Army Reserve Construction Battalions, USCG divers, shipyards, etc.

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