Maritime Museum Emergency and Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Manual

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Expect to provide your own resources for an extended period of time, especially in the event of a natural disaster. Youll want to set aside the necessary supplies and equipment for those disasters that are most likely to occur and keep them in a separate locked area. Some other suggestions:
l Check and replenish supplies regularly. Let your staff know that these supplies are for emergencies only. Plywood, tarps, etc. that are borrowed but never returned or replaced will do you no good in an emergency.
l Design your first‑aid kit with disaster needs in mind. Make sure it contains whatever you think you will need in an emergency.
l Protect your emergency supplies and equipment by selecting the safest storage locations possible and by identifying them on locator maps in your emergency and disaster plan. Consider setting up a supply area that is outside of buildings or areas that you may not be allowed to re‑enter in an emergency.
l Keep track of keys to storage areas for disaster supplies and equipment. Make sure your staff know where the keys are kept and that they are trained in operating the necessary equipment. Make sure keys to maintenance and janitorial rooms are available to any staff who may need them.

l Have available multiple copies of your floor and deck plans to give to your disaster team. The plan should clearly mark high priority collections so the team will know where to go first.
l Provide food and rest facilities for staff, trustees, and volunteers. People helping with the recovery effort will get thirsty, hungry, and tired. As part of your plan, designate a person to serve water, coffee, snacks, etc. and a place for cots and blankets to be set up. This could be at the emergency command center, child care center, or emergency supply depot. Plan for rest periods and set limits on work hours to minimize stress and fatigue.

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