Maritime Museum Emergency and Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Manual

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Disaster Team: Recovery Team:

Assistant Director Curatorial staff

Building Supervisor Registration staff

Senior Curator Exhibition staff

Safety Officer

Security Officer

A separate recovery team consisting largely of maintenance personnel could begin recovery tasks that are not collection‑related. Individuals who are not trained in handling collections can be assigned to teams with trained staff.
A suggested sequence of team members for a smaller museum might include the following:
Disaster Team: Recovery Team:

Executive Director Curator

Building/Security Supervisor Educator

Visitor Services staff

Both teams can be supplemented by other staff, volunteers, and local trustees.
The Disaster Team, consisting of pairs or small groups with appropriate safety gear and clothing, should enter the property, buildings, and/or ships as soon as permission is granted by law or fire officials. Their job is to ascertain and document the physical condition of the museums property by photography or video and determine if the recovery team(s) can be activated safely. They may also determine if outside assistance is needed from professional service companies and/or local and CAMM disaster network members.

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