Maritime Museum Emergency and Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Manual


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Your first step in assigning responsibility for carrying out the plan is to designate a Disaster Coordination Office or Emergency Command Center at a safe location where staff and volunteers can report for assignments, and coordination of the recovery can be monitored. An ideal location would be a reinforced concrete building well above normal flood levels with auxiliary power. This may be either at the museum or off site.
Once youve decided where the Emergency Command Center will be located, follow these guidelines in assigning responsibility for carrying out emergency response procedures.
l Prepare a person in charge list. In an emergency, managerial or supervisory personnel may not be available to make decisions and take the necessary protective actions. For the purpose of determining who on the staff should take command, prepare a list of people to call until you reach someone. A suggested priority sequence is as follows:
1. Executive Director

2. Assistant Director

3. Safety Officer or Security Officer

4. Curator or Senior Curator*

5. Registrar*

6. Building Supervisor

* The curatorial and registration staff should assist the person in charge with any decisions that must be made pertaining to the handling and removal of collections and should supervise such handling and removal.
l Designate a Disaster Team and a Recovery Team. List staff assigned to each team by sequence of person in charge. A suggested sequence of team members for a larger museum might include the following:

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