Maritime and Science Technology High School

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For the 24 credit option for students who entered 9th grade prior to 2007-2008, 3

credits of mathematics are required to graduate; for students who entered 9th grade in 2007-2008 and thereafter, 4 credits of mathematics are required to graduate. For the 18 credit option, students must earn 4 credits. A four-year sequence includes Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Advanced Topics in Mathematics. Students earning two of the required credits for graduation in middle school may be required by the high school principal to take a minimum of 3 credits in high school. Business Math, Liberal Arts Math, and Consumer Math meet the high school graduation requirement, but do not meet the minimum entrance requirements for either the Florida University System, or the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Award. For students who entered grade 9 in 2010-2011, Algebra 1 and Geometry are required graduation courses. For students entering grade 9 in 2012-2013, Algebra 2 will be a graduation requirement no matter the graduation option chosen. Students will be required to earn 4 mathematics credits in order to graduate.


For students selecting any one of the three graduation options, 3 credits are required. The three year recommend sequence includes: Physical Science and Biology I and one course from the following: Chemistry I, Physical Science, Physics. Students who enter grade 8 in 2013-2014 and thereafter, must enroll in one of the required science courses in grade 11. For students entering grade 9 in 2012-2013, Biology will be a graduation requirement. For students entering grade 9 in 2013-2014, either Chemistry or Physics or an equally rigorous science course will be required for graduation.


Regardless of the date of entry into grade 9, for students selecting the 24 credit program and the two accelerated programs, the required courses include U.S. History - 1 credit, World History - 1 credit, American Government - .5 credit, and Economics - .5 credit.


For students selecting the college preparatory program, they are to complete any two sequential courses in the same foreign language, including American Sign Language, or demonstrate foreign language proficiency at a level equivalent to two years of high school foreign language. The school must document this foreign language proficiency. Students enrolled in the other two programs are not required to earn foreign language credit.

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