Marine Corps. By Kyle Wilson Marine Corps. Table of Contents

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Marine Corps. By Kyle Wilson

Marine Corps.

Table of Contents

  1. Pg. 4: Introduction

  2. Pg. 5-11: Body

  3. Pg. 12: Conclusion


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Chapter 1 pg 3

My topic is on the Marine Corps. I am doing the Marines because my father was a marine pilot. Marines are brave soldiers that endure hard challenges and do lots of things to protect our country. They always put others before themselves. I will be talking about Marine boot camp (One of the hardest), requirements; prep for the physical (training) and mental (on paper) test. I will also talk about their vehicles, weapons, aircraft, equipment (what their carrying), officer and enlisted pay and benefits, famous soldiers and what they did, famous ops (missions), and their education.

Chapter 2 pg 4

Marines go through tough training and preparation to achieve their goals. There are 12 weeks of boot camp. In the first week the drill sergeant briefs the recruits what the Uniform Code of Military Justice means. Drill sergeants are very strict and loud and do not allow error.

In week 2 the recruits learn to follow these regulations and care for their equipment, inspecting every detail. They learn to move and prepare for missions as one.

In week 3 recruits go to the bayonet assault course to find their inner warrior and learn to use the bayonet quickly.

In week 4 recruits learn to face real challenges with real opponents, real weapons, and real pain.

In week 5 the recruits learn to fight without a weapon. To pass you must reach at least the tan belt. The belts are tan, grey, green, brown and black. 

In week 6 recruits learn how to overcome fear by rappelling. Instructors use that to instill courage and confidence.

In week 7 the recruits learn rifle safety. The instructors teach many different techniques to keep them safe. They practice in every position.

In week 8 the trainees learn to fire live rounds. They start from slow, one at a time shots to fully automatic shots. Finally, they earn the rifle marksman badge and the rifle sharpshooter or the rifle expert badges.

In week nine they learn to overcome challenges and to move toward chaos on the four phase course. In phase one they complete the course individually. In phase two the obstacles are higher and completed in four man fire teams. Instructors push them to overcome challenges and leave no man left behind.

In week 10 the recruits simulate battle situations. There are simulated gunshots. They must climb walls, go through barbed wire, and respond to danger quickly.

In week 11 the trainees take the test. They must survive for 54 hours straight with little food or sleep. This is the last and hardest week.

In week 12 Marines are presented the Marine emblem to show that they are worthy of the position of a Marine.

A Marine must at least graduate from high school to become enlisted or an officer. To be an officer you must have a Bachelors degree. Also an officer must go to The Basic School and Military Occupational Specialty School. Also they must go to Naval Reserves Officers Training Corporation, Platoons Leader Class, Officer Canadite Course, or US Naval Academy. However an enlisted is easier because they only have to go to The Basic School and Military Occupational Specialty School, and go through recruit training at MCRD Parris Island or MCRD San Diego.

Also enlisted and officers must take a written test. Some ways to prepare for the written test are studying hard and going to college. You can study for the physical test by staying fit and playing sports.

Marine pay and benefits vary if you’re enlisted or an officer. An officer has many benefits and high pay, the median starting salary for a Marine Corp recruit is $23,583 per year. This rises depending on job, education, and rank. Some benefits they have are high pay, medical and dental care provided, and cheap life insurance. Enlisted pay is $1,399.50 a month. Their benefits are tuition access, quality health care, and 30 days of vacation.

Marines have a wide variety of supplies and gear to complete their missions. Some of the gear their carrying is AN/PVS-14, BHP, IMTV, and Pouches. Some of their weapons are: the bayonet, M16, M249 SAW, M203 Grenade Launcher, M777 Howitzer, M9 Berretta, M110 (SAS), 50 CAL. Machine Gun, M32, 60mm/80mm Mortars, M240B, M4 Carbine, FGM-148 Javelin, Grenades, and Mark 19.

Some vehicles they use are: MRAP, AAV-7, M1A1 Abrams Tank, LAV, HMMWV, Assault Breacher Vehicle, MTVR, HIMARS, and MATV. Some of their aircraft are: F/A-18 Hornet, AV-8B Harrier II, EA-6B Prowler, CH-53E Super Stallion, MV-22 Osprey, KC-130J Super Hercules, RQ-7B Shadow, AH-1Z Super Cobra/Viper, and UH-1Y Huey/Venom.

There are Marines and that have shown how strong Marines really are. For example, Gunnery SGT. Carlos Hathcock was the most famous Marine sniper in Marine history with more than 300 kills in the Vietnam War. He was so good $30,000 was placed on his head and often called’’ Long Trang ‘’ or ‘’White Feather’’. Another one is Chesty Puller who earned 52 ribbons and medals. He was awarded the Navy Cross, the second highest commendation five times!

There are also missions that defined the Marine Corps. For example, in Operation Iraqi Freedom Marines were responsible for the city of Al Anbar Province, west of Baghdad. They led the city of Fallujah and encountered many fights in places such as Hit, Al-Qa’im and Ramadi. Also they had a controversy about Hamdania incident and Haditha killings. They accomplished the mission in January 2010. Another famous mission in Operation Enduring Freedom where American and Marine forces advanced towards Uzbekistan and Pakistan from the Afghan border in 2001 for the Operation called as Enduring Freedom. In November 2001, Marine Expeditionary Units were the first force that carried Operation Enduring Freedom. After Marine Corps occupied Kandahar Airport in December 2001, squadrons and Marine battalions started rotating through, in order to keep the Al-Qaeda and Taliban forces engaged. 7,000 Marines were sent in January 2009 to improve security. Another operation is Operation Rhino where Marines struck in the southern part of the country in the heart of the Taliban movement near Kandahar. On the night of 19-20 October 2001 Rangers and other Special Operations Forces (SOF) soldiers spearheaded ground operations by conducting airborne and air assault operations against several sites in Kandahar. Then the soldiers and attached psychological operations (PSYOP) loudspeaker teams moved toward a nearby enemy compound and cleared it without resistance. Having secured the landing zone, they assisted follow-on helicopter forces of SOF soldiers that had additional raids to conduct in the area. In all, the Rangers and SOF soldiers spent almost five-and-a-half hours on the ground with only a few minor injuries. Although the tactical results of the raid were mixed, the Taliban was shown that U.S. forces could strike anywhere and anytime and that no location in Afghanistan was a safe haven any longer. Later, when U.S. Marines landed in that same area on 25 November, they would establish a new base on the Ranger landing zone, called Camp RHINO.

To do all these missions we need battalions. One battalion is Marine Corps. Special Ops Command who do direct action, special recon, foreign internal defense, counter-terrorism, information operations, and unconventional warfare.

Conclusion pg 11

Marines go through hard training and preparation to accomplish the task of becoming a Marine. They go through twelve unforgiving weeks of boot camp, each week more difficult than the last. They all need good education to know what to do and fast. To do that there is a physical and mental test.

Once they become Marines, they’ll have varying pay and benefits depending on if they’re enlisted or an officer. The marines have a wide variety of gear. Some gear they carry (weapons and equipment), and some they ride (vehicles and aircraft).

There are marines and ops that defined the Marines’ honor and were never forgotten. There are also Special Forces, a more special force of the Marines.

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