Marie Antoinette

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Marie Antoinette


By Marissa Conley, Alli Barber and Olivia Smith

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Process Paper

We chose our topic, Marie Antoinette, because our teacher recommended her to us. Also, we thought she would be very interesting. We talked about her some in class before, so we decided we wanted to learn more about her. We also thought she would fit well into the theme. That is why we chose Marie Antoinette for our NHD project.

We conducted our research by using a set of computers. Using several different websites, we gathered a cluster of information about Marie Antoinette. Section by section, we took our background knowledge and what we had learned from reading and created facts to put together a tab on the website. We repeated those steps for every tab, doing so until we had met our set standards for the website.

We selected our presentation category, the website, because we thought it would be a creative and fun way to do the project. We all got together one Saturday and worked on putting together our information and designing the website. We had fun while doing it. It is a different way to show information and taught us how to put together a website if we would ever need to in the future. We believe it turned out very well.

Marie Antoinette, the last Queen of France, had many leadership characteristics. Marie continued to be dignified throughout the entire time that she ruled. She showed leadership when France was in a financial crisis by cutting costs in the palace. She paid for the education of children who are poor and adopted orphaned children. Also, despite the French Revolution and facing being put to death, she tried to do what she thought was right. She always took into consideration what other people thought, but in the end, she went with her gut. All of these qualities are part of having leadership skills.



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