Marcus Wildhaber Final Portfolio Creative Writing December 18, 2012

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Marcus Wildhaber

Final Portfolio

Creative Writing

December 18, 2012

Dedicated to a man of intelligence, optimism, and peace

1. PBJ Narrative

If I Didn’t Care

“I am concerned about the whole man. I am concerned about what the people, using their government as an instrument and a tool, can do toward building the whole man, which will mean a better society and a better world.”

-President Lyndon B. Johnson
He stumbled, dragging his cart as well as his obscurity of a leg, almost falling as he gripped the frigid rim of a dumpster. Taking a needed breath he let the cold wind whip his chapped lips only to be interrupted by a violent cough into the inner-shoulder his infantry jacket. Wedging his head into the opening of the dumpster he let out a grunt of relief as he reached in and grabbed a jar of jelly. The jar was sticky, of course, with a few unwanted hitchhikers: a clump of hair hanging off the bottom and a few toenail clippings. The jar also featured a thin layer of what appeared to be excrement prohibiting one from even attempting to read what the label had once said. He didn’t bother to take any notice any of it. Quickly as if trying to hide it he stuffed the jar into the confines of his jacket slightly smearing jelly, among other substances, on the already dirty jacket. Turing to his cart he retreated down the alley, falling once or twice. Upon reaching the end of the alley he reached into his cart sorting through torn umbrellas, plastic bags, containing what appeared to be old clothes, a few unwashed pans and plates, broken fishing poles, a tire, a few dead pigeons and a coffee can full of sh- snatching up a newspaper he flatted it on his rib cage which was visible through his shirt. Oblivious to him the newspaper read “President Barack Obama Promises Change, Hope and Jobs”. Placing the paper in one hand, he reached back into the abyss of his cart to fish out two pieces of moldy bread and a napkin containing what looked to be a clump of peanut butter. Once in hand he bent down dumping the load on the ground, one could tell the unpleasantness of his position by his scrunched up face. Placing everything on the paper he began to smear the peanut butter on the moldy bread with his index and what was left of his middle finger, only smearing a minimal amount of foreign substances from his fingers into the mixture. Without wiping his hand he reached back into his jacket to pull out the jar of jelly. He turned the jar upside down grabbed it with both hands and shook it violently until both the jelly and the hitchhikers fell onto the slice of beard. He quickly smashed the two pieces together and shoved the mixture into his mouth, which wasn’t that hard to do hence his lack of teeth. He choked for a minute then swallowed. After consumption he stood up, which took him a few tries, reached into his cart and pulled out the coffee can.

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