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Marco Polo: In His Shoes

Watch together Marco Polo Video:
Marco Polo Song:

Marco Polo:


Kublai Khan:

First, look back on pages 7-8 (the heading is: The Mongols Conquer China) and page 11 in your Marco Polo A-Z book to read about Kublai Kahn.
For additional information you can view the site below:

Silk Road Sea Route: If this doesn’t open: Search silk road sea route and choose the first link.

Sea routes:

The Silk Road Map:

Silk Road Goods: If this doesn’t open: at the top right corner search “silk roadand choose Marketplace at the bottom of the page

Silk Road travel Video: If this doesn’t open: google search

“silk road how stuff works” and choose the first video & gondola down a street canal off the grand canal in venice, italy - stock photo

You may be wondering if Marco Polo REALLY went to China.

Challenge: 11 Things you may not have known about Marco Polo:

Website to explore if you have time:

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