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World History AP

Ibn Battuta Essay

50 points possible

Due: Thursday May 19, 2011

Mapping Exercise: Use the map to identify the places that Ibn Battuta traveled during his journey. For places whose names have changed, you may need to find further information on the internet. (10 points)
Essay Question: Use the documents from Ibn Battuta’s travels to show how did the Dar al-Islam (literally the “house/abode of Islam”) became a unifying force in Eurasia and Africa. In addition, discuss the of the Dar al-Islam’s powers of unification? (40 points - score will be converted from 30 point rubric below)
In your essay you may want to:

  • consider the meaning of cultural unity (shared language, laws, customs, expectations, and conventions),

  • show examples that illustrate specific examples of the spiritual and cultural unity of Dar al-Islam. Note specific references to any of the Five Pillars that you find in the documents

  • speculate about the values held by the Islamic community and determine how these values may have contributed to a sense of unity within such a broad geographical range.

  • account for differences in Islam Ibn Battuta sees in different parts of the world

Sources: Focus on analyzing the documents to answer the question. If you want to use outside information, go first to your textbook. As well, your GLP library has a wealth of books including an encyclopedia of religious practices, other history textbooks, and a two-volume encyclopedia on Islamic history and practice. You may use internet sources for this project – just make sure that they are of high quality. You will need to turn in a bibliography in proper MLA format with your essay. You should give in-paragraph citations for written sources and any images you choose to use.
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