Map rules and include a map key and compass rose

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Unit 4.2 MAP: The Alamo to San Jacinto

Directions: Label the map on the back of this page using the map from your textbook on Page 249. Be sure to use your MAP RULES and include a map KEY and COMPASS ROSE.
Cities – Label Battles – Label Routes of Armies – Draw/Color

Presidio del Rio Grande The Alamo Texan Army – Blue

San Antonio Coletto Creek Mexican Army – Red

Goliad San Jacinto

Bastrop Refugio Symbols for Map KEY – Create

Harrisburg San Patricio Battles

Gonzales Routes of Armies

Victoria Water – Label/Color Cities

San Felipe Rio Grande River

Matagorda Colorado River MAP KEY – Create

Fort Bend Brazos River

Columbia San Jacinto River COMPASS ROSE – Create

Brazoria Gulf of Mexico

Burnham’s Crossing

Groce’s Plantation
Using the MAP you have created, plus the map in your textbook (Page 249), answer each of the questions below.
1. How far did the Mexican army travel from Presidio de Rio Grande to San Jacinto?
2. How far did the Texan Army travel from Gonzales to San Jacinto?
3. How could the differences in the miles traveled by both armies (above) have affected the outcome

of the Battle of San Jacinto?

4. How many battles were fought in Texas in 1836?
5. When the Texan army left San Felipe, where did they go and what direction did they travel?

6. When the Mexican army left San Felipe, where did they go and what direction did they travel?

7. Since all of the battles of the Revolution were fought in Texas, which army had an advantage and
what would their advantage be?

8. How many rivers did the Mexican army have to cross from Presidio del Rio Grande to San Jacinto?
Directory: cms -> lib2 -> TX01001414 -> Centricity -> Domain -> 2759
Domain -> 1 British interference with American shipping 2 British impressment of American sailors 3 British support of Native Americans in the west
2759 -> Unit 6: (15-3) Home Front Hardships in Texas
2759 -> Name Date The Battle of the Alamo
2759 -> Galveston, texas
2759 -> Unit 1-Early Explorers and Settlers Test Date: Tues., Sept. 15 Learning Targets
2759 -> Guide to put the correct title for each id
2759 -> Progressivism & World War 1 in Texas (Ch. 20-21) Progressive Movements in Texas
2759 -> Test/Due Date Unit 3 Plan – Mexican Texas: Colonization & Rebellion teks learning Targets
2759 -> Unit 4: Mexican Texas Colonization Through Rebellion against Spanish Rule in the Early 1800s
2759 -> Unit 5: texas revolution part 2 era big Idea

Download 5.27 Kb.

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