Many believe that video games have been the cause of school shooting and other acts of violence

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Many believe that video games have been the cause of school shooting and other acts of violence. Some even propose that video games can cause obesity, raised aggression and violence, poor grades in school, laziness, and increase in bullying. While videos are commonly blamed for a large deal of problems experts and studies have concluded that videos actually do the opposite of those problems recently stated. Due to popular belief videos games promote a number of positives in children or an adult’s life. Video games have actually been proven to make kids do better in school and even help get someone a job. While spending an excessive amount of time playing video games will obviously have a negative effect videos games are actually a good tool for learning.

Video games have been at blame for multiple problems regarding children, teenagers and even adults. These problems include the likes of raised aggression amongst children, amplified laziness, socially awkwardness, and unintelligence. Violent video games have also been blamed for occurrences as serious as school shootings and other large acts of violence. Studies have not found a directly correlated study that links raised aggression or violence with children and violent video games. Even without a direct link, video games could still be a large factor in increasing both violence and raised aggression in children. It is also believed to contribute to obesity and social awkwardness. While video are not like junk food where there are obvious health risks video games do not directly lead you to obesity it is the over playing of video games that would effect your health. While all these negative things are apparent the video game industry is still very profitable, the industry is reported to be worth 74$ billion in 2011.

Video games are often at blame for children’s over whelming aggression. When in reality the cause of this aggression is not a side effect of video games rather then the child’s preexisting tendencies and personality traits that were previously within the child. While violence in video games seems like the logical reason for raised aggression it is really a scapegoat, in reality government statistics have shown that the sales of violent video games has rose a giant deal and that youth violence is the lowest in 40 years. That being said there is no reasonable argument stating that violent video games are the cause of raised aggression within children. Most children can understand the difference between fantasy and real life violence making violent video games look innocent in the debate.

Another argument against video games is that they are the cause of lazy, unintelligent and socially awkward. Again studies have shown that this is not always the case. Video games often help players build brain cells by forcing players to use team work, problem solving techniques, creativity, and decision making skills. All three of these things are a vital to a good student or employee. Not only do video games use all four of those important life skills they also help boost a player’s confidence when they figure out a challenging puzzle or complete levels. Video games also encourage players to fail and try again and again with out having to be worried about being ridiculed or embarrassed, at the very least. Gaming can be used as a learning tool rather then an object of blame. Some companies have caught on to such an idea. For example the U.S. Army used military video games within a shopping mall to get potential recruits to learn about the military bases and career options in a fun interactive way. Furthermore, according to the Entertain Software Association 70 percent of major domestic employers have used interactive software and video games as training and development tools on employees. Also a company out of Chicago uses Guitar Hero in their break room to let employees blow off steam. This showing that video games can cause much more good then the very little apparent bad that many group with video games. While playing video games in large quantities every day are obviously going to have negative side effects such as obesity or social awkwardness this very thing could be said about a lot of different subjects.

As previously stated in the paragraphs above, it has been proven otherwise that video games are blame for such things as cause obesity, raised aggression and violence, poor grades in school, laziness, and increase in bullying. In fact video games can and are often being used to do just the opposite. Video games are now being used as a learning tool or stress relief. While some still have a negative opinion on video games, others see it as a innovative way to learn and get people more involved.

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