Mankind: The Story of All of Us Episode 5: The Plague Episode Description

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Mankind-The Plague

Mankind: The Story of All of Us
Episode 5: The Plague

Episode Description: Mankind has made incredible strides. The Inca Empire rises in the Americas. Led by Genghis Khan, the Mongols use novel military strategies to conquer vast lands. But humans are also severely tested by one of the deadliest diseases the world has known—the Plague. Mankind is ravaged by this disease in Europe and parts of Asia. In the Americas, new farming techniques and the use of maize help propel mankind forward. Amazing monuments such as Machu Picchu showcase mankind’s architectural advances.

  1. I n 1215 in Northern China – the Mongols with 50,000 warriors make up the world’s greatest Calvary army. Their army was led by Genghis _____________.

  2. The _____________was the key to Khan’s success. It was domesticated 5,000 years earlier in central _____________. Kahn’s soldiers can travel 300 miles a day. They are the fastest traveling army until WWII.

  3. As climate change turns much of Mongolia to desert, the Mongols look to _____________, which is home to some of the biggest cities in the world. Capture of these cities would provide much needed supplies such as grain, silk and tea.

  4. As Khan conquered his people, he displayed acts of Mongol cruelty. Prisoners were decapitated, towers were made of human skulls, and they raped the local women. Khan rapes so many women that 1 in _____________ alive today carry his genes.

  5. Khan is responsible for the death of _______million people (as many as Hitler). He conquers more land in 25 years than _____________did in 400. The Mongol Empire grows to 4.5 million squares miles – the largest empire in world history.

  6. They key to the Mongol success was ___________________________. Every 30 miles there was a relay post with 400 horses ready to carry information and messages to the next relay post.

  7. What significant items were traded from the East to the West?

  1. When the Bubonic plague first appears it is passed on by __________(insect) who vomit plague material back into the blood stream when they bite into humans.

  2. How does the rat help spread the plague throughout Europe and Asia?

  1. Kaffa, an Italian controlled city on the Black Sea, was under siege by a decedent of Genghis Khan who was looking to expand the Mongol empire. Describe the terrible new weapon that was introduced by the Mongols.

  1. Why was Europe the perfect breeding ground for the plague?

  1. What were some of the primitive solutions used in an attempt to cure the Bubonic plague?

  1. What was the best thing that a doctor could have done to a victim of the plague?

  1. What change with the plague made the kill rate rise from 75% to almost 100%?

  1. Europe’s scapegoat for the plague = ___________________. In the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre they were asked to convert or be killed, over 1,000 are murdered in one day alone as Europe attempt find blame for this unexplainable illness.

  2. The plague would kill _________million people in just 15 years.

  3. The Americas were isolated from Europe and from the plague. Over _____ million people lived on these unknown continents.

  4. Because of its isolationism, what things did people of the Americas not have?

  1. In order farm on the steep terrain of the Andes, people developed the technique called _____________________farming. They grew crops unknown to Europe like potatoes, tomatoes, and corn.

  2. In the Americas, a young ruler named Pachacuti defeated an aggressive group, the Chankas, and created the largest kingdom in the Americas – the _____________Empire. This empire takes up most of western South America and is connected by a vast network of roads.

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