Mankind: The Story of All of Us Episode 4: Warriors Episode Description

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Mankind-The Plague

Mankind: The Story of All of Us
Episode 4: Warriors

Episode Description: By the 5th century AD the Roman Empire disintegrates, leaving a power vacuum in Europe. Barbarians d estroy towns and cities; Europe has entered the Dark Ages. But elsewhere in the world, humans achieve progress. In the Arabian dessert, the discovery of gold helps ignite new innovations in engineering and technology. Vikings open up new links. Mankind continues to clash in wars over religion and territory.

  1. In 455 AD, a group of Germanic warriors known as the ______________attack Rome. Rome, at its peak ruled ____fraction) of the world’s population.

  2. Rome was the world’s first megacity with a population of ______________. It was the most modern city in the world, now it is in ruins.

  3. After the Vandals sack Rome, its Empress Eudoxie will be taken prisoner by Gaiseric and her daughter will be forced to marry her son. Rome officially has fallen. The Roman Empire lasted for ____centuries. At its height it ruled over ____million people and ____million square miles.

  4. As the Roman Empire disintegrates, barbarian tribes seize the opportunity to expand.

    1. Anglos and Saxons push into ______________.

    2. Franks take modern day ______________.

    3. Visigoths seize present day ______________.

  5. After the Collapse of Rome, Europe falls into a ____________Age of war, famine, and savagery.

  6. With the collapse of the Roman Empire, many essentials of Roman life are lost for centuries. List one.

  1. Rome loses ____% of its population, ______________ is even abandoned. Europe will be fragmented and stay divided for the next 1500 years.

  2. 1400 years ago, in the Arabian Desert, gold will help build a new civilization founded which new religion?

  1. Why does gold become so valuable?

  1. All the gold ever mined would fill just ___(#)Olympic swimming pools.

  2. The prophet, ______________of Mecca will bring a new religion of Islam and in just twenty years it will unite all the warring tribes in Arabia.

  3. Describe the city of Cordoba, Spain and its accomplishments.

  1. Describe the Vikings and their society.

  1. Arabians and Vikings found common ground through trade. Arabians would trade ______________ for ______________from the Vikings.

  2. Describe a Viking funeral.

  1. The long ship was the key Viking exploration. Long ships will allow the Vikings to colonize much of Western and Norther Europe. In fact, they will explore North America _________years before Columbus. Long ships are strong, quick and stealthy. They are powered by both sail and oars.

  2. Vikings will eventually give up their pagan rituals and convert to ______________ (religion).

  3. Describe the Polynesian civilization on Easter Island.

  1. The Easter Islanders used their resources, like the forests. What problem did this create?

  1. Pope Urban promised eternal salvation for anyone who took arms in a Holy War against Islam in what is called the ______________. The war will last ____ and take more than 1 million lives.

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