Manifest Destiny Westward Expansion of the United States to 1853

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Manifest Destiny

Westward Expansion of the United States to 1853
Color, label, and outline your map with the following features. Use pen to label your map and

use colored pencils to lightly shade/color your map. DO NOT USE PENCIL TO LABEL

YOUR MAP!!! You will have a quiz over the features on your map, so be sure you label your

map as precisely as possible and can read/understand your writing. Reference maps for this

assignment are found on pages 347, 371, 372, and 374 in your textbook. You may also use

the classroom maps. Create a legend or key for your map in the box provided.


Identify and color each of the following regions annexed by the United States.

Label each region with its name and the year it became part of the United States (not the year it became a state, but the year the land was initially added to the country by treaty).

Florida Gadsden Purchase Louisiana Purchase

Mexican Cession Texas Annexation Oregon Country

Locate, label and trace (blue) these rivers/bodies of water:

Gila River Nueces River Mississippi River

Missouri River Ohio River Great Salt Lake

Columbia River Rio Grande Red River (southern)


Locate and label the following cities:

Los Angeles Portland Independence

Salt Lake City Nauvoo Las Vegas

San Antonio San Diego San Francisco

St. Louis Santa Fe Sacramento


Trace and label the following trails west:

Oregon Trail Mormon Trail California Trail

Santa Fe Trail Old Spanish Trail

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