Manifest Destiny: Geographic Synthesis

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Manifest Destiny: Geographic Synthesis
As you know, the land holdings of the United States tripled in the first seventy years of the new nation. Document this growth by labeling the regions outlined on your map according to the information below. Use blue or black ball-point pen. (You may want to write lightly in pencil first, in case you make a mistake.)
* The original states of the new United States were created out of the 13 former British colonies after America defeated Britain in the American Revolution. Label the far eastern region “First Independent States Won by Defeating Britain in Revolution, 1783.”
* By winning the Revolutionary War, the United States acquired the large region directly west of the original states. Label that area, “Won by Treaty from Britain after Revolutionary War, 1783.”
* Directly west of the land won by defeating Britain in the Revolution was a large segment of land belonging to France. The United States feared that France, under the leadership of Napoleon, would try to establish a North American colony in this region. The United States prevented this from happening by buying this segment from France in 1803. This is referred to as the “Louisiana Purchase.” Label this area, “Louisiana Territory, Purchased from France, 1803.”
* The United States and Britain disputed ownership of some of the land north of the Louisiana Territory. The two nations agreed to split up some of the disputed territory, giving the United States the small parcel just northeast of the Louisiana Territory. Label this area, “Acquired by treaty with Britain, 1818.”
* Spain had controlled the region in and around modern-day Florida since the 1500’s. Because of its strategic location bordering Georgia, the United States wanted to acquire it. Spain agreed to sell the land. Spain “ceded,” or gave up, the Florida region in 1819. Label the modern-day Florida region “Land bought from Spain, 1819.”
* Like Florida, the area in and around Texas had been a region controlled by Spain for hundreds of years. After Mexico gained independence from Spain, Texas came under the control of Mexico. Texas fought and won a war for independence from Mexico (this is that the “Alamo” was all about). Texas became one of the United States in 1845. Label this region, “Land Gained When Texas Won Independence from Mexico; Added to United States in 1845.”
* The far northwestern territory had once been jointly occupied by both Britain and the United States. Eventually, the territory was divided by treaty with Britain at the present boundary between Washington State and Canada. Label this area “Oregon Territory, Obtained by Treaty with Britain, 1846.”
* The United States and Mexico disputed a small parcel of land in modern-day Texas. This dispute resulted in the Mexican War. The United States defeated Mexico and acquired land from present-day California to Texas. Label this area “Land Gained by Winning War with Mexico in 1848.”
* Just south of the land won by winning the War with Mexico in 1848 was a small, flat stretch of land that railroad interests wanted in order to complete a rail route to the Pacific Coast. This territory was purchased from Mexico. Label this area, “Land bought from Mexico, 1853.”
Now, provide an appropriate title for your map. Draw a compass rose and use colored pencils to neatly shade in each region of the map.

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