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TASK 1: Complete with the Past Simple or the Past Progressive of the verbs in brackets.

Jill (1) WAS WALKING through the forest last night. It (2) WAS dark and it (3) WAS RAINING. Suddenly, she (4) HEARD a noise. She (5) WAS frightened and started running. As she (6) WAS RUNNING, she (7) SAW a man running after her. She (8) HID behind a tree and while she (9) WAS WAITING for the man to go away, she (10) FELL asleep. When she (11) WOKE UP she was in her bed but she (12) WAS WEARING her clothes. Strange, eh?
TASK 2: Complete the text with the full infinitive, bare infinitive, or the –ing form of the verbs in brackets.

y friend Daniel was really tired of

(1) WORKING in that Italian restaurant. He couldn’t (2) GET along with the chef and his boss always made him

(3) WORK long hours. So, one day he decided (4) TO START his own business, his own restaurant. At first, he wanted

(5) TO WORK together with his brother, but Adam wasn’t interested in (6) TRYING anything like that. Daniel didn’t have a lot of money, so he had to avoid (7) FINDING a very expensive place. After about two weeks, he found the perfect place. He called his friend Betty (8) TO ASK her to help him choose the right tables and chairs. He wanted everything to be perfect. Now, after almost a year, he is happy (9) TO SAY that his business is very successful and he is thinking of (10) OPENING a second restaurant soon.

TASK 1: Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the box.
















  1. I try to AVOID going shopping on Saturdays.

  2. I WOULD LIKE to see a good movie at the weekend.

  3. A/an FENCE is a structure which divides two areas of land, similar to a wall but made of wood or wire and supported with posts

  4. They finally REACHED the coast after five weeks sailing.

  5. I learned to RIDE a bike when I was six.

  6. I FALL ASLEEP as soon as my head hits the pillow.

  7. The island is too far. You need a pair of BINOCULARS to see it.

  8. We spent a week visiting the WONDERS of Ancient Roman civilization.

  9. Katie CHOSE to stay away from work that day.

  10. What a wonderful place! The scenery is AMAZING!

  11. Mary always walks THROUGH the woods to reach her home.

  12. It TAKES about one hour to arrive at the university from Kadıköy.

  13. We skidded on the ice and CRASHED into another car.

  14. A: What are you LOOKING for?

B: My wallet. Have you seen it?

15. The train crosses the BORDER between France and Spain.

TASK 2: Read the text and fill in each blank with ONE WORD.
1. WHILE/WHEN/AS I was doing my homework, somebody knocked the door.

2. I would like to READ books in the library.

3. Some people think that it is fun to LEARN languages.

4. A: Is the bank FAR?

B: No. It takes only five minutes to walk there.

5. I am going to Easter Island. I think it is going to be the journey of my DREAMS.

TASK 1: Read the paragraphs and choose the best ending for each one. (1.5 point each)

1. Potatoes are usually very good to eat. But they're not good when they're green. If you find a green potato, you should not eat it. Green potatoes can make you…

a. sick. b. better. c. well. d. afraid.
2. Selma is from İstanbul. Now she lives in Toronto. She's a writer. She writes books for children. She isn't rich, but she's happy. She likes her work, and she…
a. likes Istanbul. c. doesn't like Istanbul.

b. doesn't like Toronto. d. likes Toronto.

3. Today, many young women don’t know how to cook. They didn't learn from their mothers. Now they buy food that is ready to eat. Or they go…
a. to the supermarket. c. out to the movies.

b. out to restaurants. d. to work early.
4. Michelle and Micol are twin sisters. They look the same, but they are very different. Michelle is very quiet but Micol likes to talk. Michelle is afraid of new people, but Micol likes…
a. staying alone. c. meeting new people.

b. reading books. d. playing with her sister.

5. Many young girls like dancing and go to dance classes. They want to be dancers. They think dancers are beautiful, and they think dancing is fun. But a dancer's life is not always beautiful and fun. They often have…
a. an easy life. c. a lot of money.

b. beautiful legs. d. many problems.

6. The bus to work is often very slow. There's a lot of traffic in the morning, and the bus has to stop often. When there's traffic, cars are slow, too. But bicycles are not. On a bicycle you can go around and through the traffic. Why don't you go to work by…
a. bicycle? b. train? c. car? d. bus?
7. Some people like to eat too many sweets. Their favorite foods are sweets. They eat lots of ice cream, cake, and cookies. They don't eat much fruit or vegetables. These people are often fat and unhealthy. Sometimes they get very sick. Sweets are not…
a. bad for people. c. new for people.

b. good for people. d. expensive for people.
8. The manager at work is angry with me. She says I'm always late. She says I have to be in the office before 9:00 a.m. I can't come at 9:05, and she says I can't go home at 4:50. I can go home only after 5:00 p.m. She says I can't even go out for coffee I have to drink my coffee…
a. in the office. c. on the street. b. at home. d. in a restaurant.

Students are at their desks but their brains are at home in bed.”

hy are typical teenagers never tired at 11 p.m. but they hate getting up in the morning? Are they lazy? No, the good news is that it’s natural.
Everyone has a natural body clock which tells them when to wake up and fall asleep. In teenagers, the chemical that controls sleep, melatonin, is in their brains between 11.00 p.m. and 8.00 a.m. The result is that teenagers don’t feel tired late in the evening but, when they get up before 8 a.m. their brain is telling them to sleep. This lack of sleep means they are often unhappy, angry, can’t learn and get bad marks.

n the US, a lot of high schools start at about 7.30 in the morning. This means the students are at their desks after only five or six hours’ sleep. However, they need 9-10 hours because their bodies and brains are still developing so they are very tired. Tiredness means 20 percent of high school students fall asleep during their first two hours of school.
Sleep scientists are researching the problem. They say that it is crazy to fight nature so the only answer is for schools to start later. As one scientist said, ‘At 7.30 a.m. students are at their desks but their brains are at home in bed.’ Luckily, some head teachers listened to the new scientific advice and changed their school hours. The results are very interesting: teachers and parents say students behave better, learn more, get better marks and fewer students drop out.
Who says these things? Write PARENTS or TEENAGER.

What time are they said? Write NIGHT or MORNING.

  1. Didn’t you hear me? It’s time to get up! PARENTS MORNING

  2. Go to bed-you’ve got school tomorrow! PARENTS NIGHT

  3. I was having a lovely dream. TEENAGER MORNING

  4. NO, I’m not tired. I’m going to watch this film. TEENAGER NIGHT

  5. Just five more minutes…. Zzzz Zzzz TEENAGER MORNING

  6. But I’m reading and it’s a really exciting bit. TEENAGER NIGHT

TASK 2B: Which of the following can be the best title for the text?

  1. How much sleep everyone needs.

  2. Why teenagers are tired in the morning.

  3. School times in the USA.

  4. The effects of sleep on our brains.

TASK 2C: Match the definitions given below with the underlined words from the text.

  1. TIREDNESS (n) the feeling that you want to sleep.

  2. LACK (n) when there is not enough of something.

  3. BEHAVE (v) to do things in a particular way.

  4. NATURE (n) everything in the world not made or controlled by people.

  5. RESEARCHING (v) studying carefully to find new information.

TASK 2D: Complete each sentence with the best alternative.

1. Teenagers are tired in the morning because

  1. they are lazy.

  2. they don’t want to go to school.

  3. they use computers late at night.

  4. they need more sleep.

2. It is difficult for teenagers to get up early because

  1. they don’t have clocks.

  2. their beds are warm.

  3. their body clocks are different.

  4. they are unhappy.

3. Some teenagers are ___________ because they are tired.

  1. irritable

  2. cheerful

  3. optimistic

  4. punctual

4. US school students ____________ start school early.

  1. usually

  2. never

  3. sometimes

  4. always

5. Teenagers need a lot of sleep because they

  1. work hard.

  2. go to school early.

  3. study a lot.

  4. are growing.

6. __________ US high school students fall asleep at school.

  1. All

  2. Most

  3. Some

  4. A lot of

7. Some __________ head teachers changed the school hours.

  1. sensible

  2. tolerant

  3. selfish

  4. optimistic

8. The new school hours are

  1. successful.

  2. disappointing.

  3. mysterious.

  4. fascinating.

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