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Chapter 5 – Section 2

Building Colonial Unity

Male Speaker #1: The people of the American colonies are governed and taxed by King George III and his parliament in Great Britain. But the colonists have no voice in the British Parliament. The “Sons of Liberty” are determined to fight this injustice. No taxation without representation is their rallying cry and they have led many successful boycotts of British goods forcing an end to a host of imperial taxes. But now, a tax is being fixed on something the colonists will not want to boycott, tea, most popular drink of the day and the prized symbol of status, the British empires Tea Act of 1773 reduces the price of tea making it all the more tempting to tea loving colonists, while also imposing a tax of three pence on every pound sold. To succeed in their aims, the “Sons of Liberty” must focus resentment on the tax and they have another reason to be defiant, the British East India Company controls the supply of tea to the colonies and has appointed a number of royalist agents or consignees to sell the tea. While the royalist agents will profit from the sale of tea, other local merchants not favored by the East India Company will lose out. So the tax on tea and the royalist tea agents are the targets of the “Sons of Liberty” led by their plain speaking inspirational leader Samuel Adams.

Samuel Adams: Shall the tea be landed? Group: No

Samuel Adams: Shall the tea be landed? Group: NO

Male Speaker #2: Who knows how well tea will mingle with salt water.

Group: Shouting approval.

Male Speaker #3: The Mohawks have come. Boston Harbor is a teapot tonight.

Male Speaker #1: The Mohawk’s have come. Ordinary men of Boston some disguised with boot black, soot and rags will turn the harbor into a Tea Pot, armed with their courage, hatchets and the empowering belief that their cause is just. They are ready to strike a blow at the mighty British Empire. The Mohawk’s begin, as tea chests are brought up from below decks. The men set about cracking the chests open with hatchets and axes. Then they will spoil the tea by sending it over the side. The work is hard and slow made all the more frustrating by the fact that the chests are wrapped in canvas, which blunts the axes. This audacious act of defiance has successfully overturned the authority of the governor general and humiliated the British Empire. The King’s tax on tea has been rendered impotent and parliament’s law flouted. The night of the Mohawks will capture the hearts and minds of Bostonians and their revolutionary spirit will grip colonist throughout America. The “Sons of Liberty” are in jubilant mood. Sam Adams has prepared a dispatch telling of the tea party and the Bostonian resistance to British tyranny. The dispatch is carried to the people of New York and Philadelphia by the excellent horseman Paul Revere and it will bind the provinces together in their struggle for freedom.

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