Malcolm X outline

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Malcolm X outline

  1. Youth- Born Malcolm Little in Omaha, Nebraska. Father Earl Little was a Baptist Minister and loud supporter of Marcus Garvey. In 1929, their house was burned down and two years later his father was found dead across trolley tracks. Police said it was an accident but Little’s knew it was the black legion a white supremacist organization. Good student. Wanted to be a lawyer teacher said would never happen. Grew dissatisfied ran away.

  2. Growing Up- Moved to Boston and Harlem where he became a crook. He took the name of red, and he began to drink party die his hair and get with white women. Finally he was arrested and sentenced to jail for 10 years for burglary.

  3. The Nation of Islam- While in Jail Malcolm heard about the nation of Islam and Elijah Muhammad. He leaves prison in 1952 a converted Muslim with a new name Malcolm X. He quickly rose to prominence in the nation and was charged with setting up new churches in the north east. His great oratory ability led his fame to grow rapidly.

  4. Disenchantment with the NOI- in 1963 He learns that Elijah Muhammad has had affairs with 6 women and father children. Also, at this time Muhammad grew jealous of Malcolm’s popularity and he began to have troubles within the nation. He garnered much flack for saying the chickens have come home to roost when JFK was shot. He was silenced for 90 days by Elijah Muhammad. He was greatly frustrated. Leaves NOI and forms Muslims Mosque Inc. in 1964

  5. Journey to Mecca-in 1964 Malcolm went to Mecca where he was reawakened. He took the name El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz and came back a changed man. He

  6. Return to America- received numerous death threats. The NOI was after him and other white supremacist. His house was fire bombed on February 14, 1965 but luckily known of his family was seriously hurt. February 21, 1965 Malcolm was assassinated by the NOI at Manhattan’s Audubon Ball room.

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