Making the Right Choice

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sunshine-logo+words-horz-bw.jpgMaking the Right Choice

Choosing the right child care and early education setting for your child is an important and difficult decision. Sunshine Early Learning Centers are committed to helping you make a fully informed decision about the center you choose for your child’s developmental and educational needs.

Please use this complimentary quality checklist / information sheet as you visit neighboring early learning centers. The checklist provides a guideline of essential questions and criteria, ensuring a high quality learning environment for your child.

Stop in for a visit, give us a closer look and you will see why enrolling your child at

Sunshine is one decision you can definitely feel good about.
Center 1: Name Sunshine Date Visited _____________ Time __________

Contact Person ____________________________ Phone Number _____________________________

Center 2: Name _____________________________ Date Visited _____________ Time __________

Contact Person ____________________________ Phone Number _____________________________

Center 3: Name _____________________________ Date Visited _____________ Time __________

Contact Person ____________________________ Phone Number _____________________________

Quality Checklist


Center 2

Center 3

First Impressions


Does the center have a drive up appeal?

Is the building attractive and well maintained from the outside?

(window coverings, flowerbeds maintained, free of litter etc.)


Do you get a good feeling when you enter the center (atmosphere)?

Is the lobby/reception area warm and inviting?

Is there useful information displayed for families, such as a Parent Information Board, Curriculum Board etc.?

Is there a clean smell or pleasant aroma?

Were you greeted by office management?

**Ask about staff retention / What is the staff turnover like?

Common Areas

Are the hallways and common areas attractive and appealing to children?

Is the flooring clean?

Director / Assistant Director

Was the Director friendly, professional and well informed?

Was she knowledgeable and thorough during the visit?

Did you feel comfortable with her answers?

Did she take the time to address your questions and comments?

Were your needs met?

Kitchen / Meals

Is the menu appealing?

Is there a morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack provided daily?

Quality Checklist


Center 2

Center 3

Classrooms / Curriculum Focus

Is the classroom inviting, attractive, age appropriate and appealing to children?

Are the teachers interacting with the children?

Are the children engaged in challenging and stimulating activities which promote learning?

Do the children seem happy and busy? For example music playing, children playing in the Discovery Areas, table activities set up and/or children participating in a large group activity -or- does the environment appear to be more of a babysitting service?

Is there a cubby area for children to house their coats and personal belongings?

Does the School/center have a program that focuses on the environment? Ask about Sunshine’s Easy Going Green program

Preschool and Pre-K Classrooms: Are educational programs available, over and above the monthly theme/lesson plan?

Ask about Phonics/Math / Spanish / Penmanship and other educational programs offered at Sunshine

** ask to see the program materials****

Does the center have a program which encourages children to develop strong moral character?

I there an attractive outside play area with suitable apparatus and activities for each age?

Health and Safety

Is the center Licensed? **ask to see a copy of the license

Is there a safety plan in place, in the event of an emergency?

Are children adequately supervised?

**ask what the teacher to child ratios are for each age group

Are the teachers trained in First Aid/CPR?

Is the lobby area monitored at all times by a member of Management?

What are the procedures for who is allowed to pick up a child?

Are outdoor play areas fenced in and monitored?

What is the sick policy of the center?

What type of discipline is used at the center?


Are you allowed to visit the center at any time (within reason)?

Is there daily, weekly and monthly written communication, for example, Newsletters, Daily notes

Does the center provide you with Developmental Records?

Does the center have annual on-line Parent Assessment Surveys?

Were you given a packet of information after your center visit?


On what days is the center closed?

Is the tuition due on a weekly, monthly or annual basis?

Will you receive a yearly tax receipt for income tax deduction purposes?

Does the center offer a Parent Referral Program where you are eligible to receive FREE TUITION for your child? **Ask about Sunshine’s Referral Program

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