Making and unmaking empires

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The Program at a Glance / Le programme en un coup d’oeil
**Unless otherwise noted, all events will take place at the Delta Ottawa Hotel, 361 Queen Street.

**Sauf indication contraire, tous les événements auront lieu à l'Hôtel Delta Ottawa, 361, rue Queen.
Thursday, November 5 / Jeudi 5 novembre

8:30 - 5:00 / 8h30 - 17h

Registration & Book Exhibits / Inscription & exposition de livres

8:30-10:00 / 8h30 - 10h

Session I (seminars 1-8) / Séance I (ateliers 1-8)

10:30 - 12:00 / 10h30 - 12h

Session II (seminars 9-16) / Séance II (ateliers 9-16)

12:00 - 1:30 / 12h - 13h30

Lunch / Déjeuner: “Robert Burns at 250” / « Robert Burns à 250 ans »

1:30 - 3:00 / 13h30 - 15h

Session III (seminars 17-24) / Séance III (ateliers 17-24)

3:30 - 4:45 / 15h30 – 16h45

Session IV (seminars 25-30) / Séance IV (ateliers 25-30)

5:15 – 6:45 / 17h15 - 18h45

Plenary Lecture I, Fred Anderson, Delta Hotel

Conférence plénière I, Fred Anderson, Hôtel Delta

6:45 – 8:00 / 18h45 - 20h

Reception, (Cash Bar) / Réception, (bar payant)

Friday, November 6 / Vendredi 6 novembre

8:30 - 5:00 / 8h30 - 17h

Registration & Book Exhibits / Inscription & exposition de livres

9:00-10:30 / 9h - 10h30

Session V (seminars 31-38 / Séance V (ateliers 31-38)

11:00 - 12:30 / 11h - 12h30

Session VI (seminars 39-46) / Séance VI (ateliers 39-46)

12:30 - 2:00 / 12h30 - 14h

Lunch / Déjeuner

1:15 - 3:45 / 13h15 - 15h45

Tour of National Library and Archives Canada Preservation Centre (numbers limited) / Visite guidée au Centre de préservation, Bibliothèque et Archives Canada (places limitées)

Shuttle bus leaves at 1:15. / La navette partira à 13h15.

2:00 - 3:30 / 14h - 15h30

Session VII (seminars 47-54) / Séance VII (ateliers 47-54)

4:00 – 5:15 / 16h – 17h15

Conférence plénière II, Alain Beaulieu, Hôtel Delta

Plenary Lecture II, Alain Beaulieu, Delta Hotel

7:00 / 19h

Graduate Student Roundtable / Table ronde des étudiant(e)s des cycles supérieurs

Saturday, November 6 / Samedi 6 novembre

8:30 -12:00 / 8h30 -12h

Registration & Book Exhibits / Inscription & exposition de livres

8:30-10:00 / 8h30 - 10h00

Session VIII (seminars 55-61) / Séance VIII (ateliers 55-61)

10:30 - 12:00 / 10h30 - 12h

Session IX (seminars 62-69) / Séance IX (ateliers 62-69)

12:00 – 1:15 / 12h - 13h15

Lunch / Déjeuner

1:15 - 2:45 / 13h15 - 14h45

Session X (seminars 70-76) / Séance X (ateliers 70-76)

3:15- 5:00 / 15h15 - 17h00

Session XI (seminars 77-84) / Séance XI (ateliers 77-84)

5:00-5:45 / 17h – 17h45

CSECS General Meeting / Assemblée générale de la SCEDHS

NEASECS Business Meeting

6:30 - 7:30 / 18h30-19h30

Cash bar / Bar payant

7:30-10:00 / 19h30-22h

Banquet, with an après-dîner talk by Sandra Sherman (Fordham University) / Banquet, suivi d’une conférence de Sandra Sherman (Fordham University)

Special Events / Événements Spéciaux
Thursday Lunch: “Robert Burns at 250 Years” — Readings by John Baird (Toronto)

Déjeuner, Jeudi: « Robert Burns à 250 ans » — Lecture publique par john Baird (Toronto)
Plenary Lecture I (Thurs., 5:15 pm) / Conférence plénière I (jeudi, 17h15)

Fred Anderson, “1759: Year of Decision?”

Delta Hotel / Hôtel Delta
Tour of National Library and Archives Canada Preservation Centre (Fri. 1:15 pm)

Visite guidée au Centre de préservation, Bibliothèque et Archives Canada (ven. 13h15)

625 Blvd. du Carrefour, Gatineau, QC. (numbers limited / places limitées)

Shuttle bus leaves at 1:15 (Sparks St.). / La navette partira à 13h15 (rue Sparks).
Conférence plénière II (ven., 16h) / Plenary Lecture II (Fri., 4 pm)

Alain Beaulieu, « De la médiation à la protection: les sens de la Conquête

pour les Autochtones du Canada »
Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty (Fri., 8 pm): National Arts Centre

La belle au bois dormant de Tchaïkovski (ven., 20h): Centre national des arts

National Ballet of Canada / Le Ballet national du Canada

(Advance purchase tickets only) / (Les billets doivent être achetés à l’avance)
Graduate Student Roundtable (Fri., 7 pm)

Table ronde des étudiant(e)s des cycles supérieurs (ven., 19h)

Fox and Feather, 283 Elgin St.

Reception and Banquet (Sat., 6:30 pm): Delta Hotel / Réception et banquet (Sam., 18h30) Hôtel Delta

Après-dîner / Conférence: Sandra Sherman,

"Cross-Channel Food Fights: Anglo-French Rivalry in the Eighteenth-Century Kitchen"


4:00-7:00: Registration, Lobby, Delta Hotel

16h-19h: Inscription, Foyer, Hôtel Delta

6:00: CSECS Executive Meeting

18h: Réunion du comité exécutif de la SCEDHS
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8:30 - 5:00: Registration & Book Exhibits

8h:30 - 17h: Inscription & exposition de livres

Thurs., 8:30-10:00 / Jeudi, 8h30-10h

Session I / Séance I
1. Laurence Sterne I: Tristram Shandy at 250 Years [VICTORIA]

Chair/Président : Darryl Domingo, University of Toronto
Sarah E. Eron (Cornell University), “The Corporal’s Cane: Narrative, Time, and Authorship in Tristram Shandy, Gentleman
Robert Chibka (Boston College), “Every Jerkin Has a Quicksilver Lining: Mental Delineations à la Shandy”
Katherine Skipsey (University of Saskatchewan), “Paternal Imagination in Sterne’s Tristram Shandy
2. Aspects of Literary Genre [ALGONQUIN A]

Chair/Président: John Baird, University of Toronto
Chantel Lavoie (University of Toronto), “How the Fable Lost its Bite in the Eighteenth Century”
Alicia Kerfoot (McMaster University), “‘Both Passions Arose from my Dear Self’: Interior and Exterior Mobility in the History and Adventures of a Lady’s Slippers and Shoes.” 
Don Bourne (Queen’s University), “False Idylls: Rejecting the Pastoral in Johnson’s The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia
Elisa Tersigni (Edinburgh University), “‘The Great Grumblers of Britain’: British Broadside Ballads During the Seven Years' War”
3. Empires et Révolutions I [MACKENZIE]

Président/Chair: / Marie-Laure Girou-Swiderski, Université d’Ottawa
Driss Aissaoui (Université Dalhousie), «Robert Challe, entre politique coloniale et utopie»
Julie Perrault (Université d’Ottawa), «La raison reine de l’irrationnel? Libre portrait des Dialogues de M. le baron de Lahontan et d’un Sauvage dans l’Amérique»
Armelle St-Martin (Université du Manitoba), «La guerre chez Sade: de la rhétorique amoureuse au matérialisme»
4. The Poetry of Alexander Pope [CONFEDERATION]

Chair/Présidente : Bethany Guenther, University of Ottawa
Katherine Quinsey (University of Windsor), “‘Charms strike the Sight, but Merit wins the Soul’: Constructions of Female Spirituality in the Early Poems of Pope”
Jess Keiser (Cornell University), “‘A Warfare upon Earth’: Reading the Rhetoric of Attack in Pope’s Satire”
Christopher Hall (Carleton University), “Rigid Designators in the Horatian Epistles and Imitations”
Don Nichol (Memorial University), “Three Hundred Years of Pope in Print: Tonson's 1709 Poetical Miscellanies
5. Daniel Defoe the Novelist [ALGONQUIN B]

Chair/Présidente: Diane Duflot, University of Ottawa
Kirsten Martin (Queen’s University) “Economics and Insanity: Daniel Defoe’s Roxana
Ailsa Kay (McMaster University), “Killing the Illegitimate: the Narrative Function of Shame in Defoe’s Roxana
Michael Rambadt (SUNY New Paltz), “The Devil and Daniel Defoe: An Exploration of Blame and Responsibility in Moll Flanders and The Political History of the Devil
6. Women Writers, Writing Women [ALGONQUIN C]

Chair/Président : David Oakleaf, University of Calgary
Laura Stenberg (University of Toronto), “‘Melancholic Marys’: Case Studies in Mary Hays’s and Mary Wollestonecraft’s Autobiographical Fiction”
Jennifer Szwec (Carleton University), “Publishing Older Women: Textual Production by and Representations of Older Women in Early Eighteenth-Century England”

Ellen Malenas Ledoux (Rutgers University), “A Romantic Soldier in a Gothic Landscape: Representing the American Revolution in Charlotte Smith’s The Old Manor House

7. Periodicals and Print Culture [ALGONQUIN D]

Chair/Président: Betty Schellenberg, Simon Fraser University
Chris Lendrum (University of Ottawa), “‘Fleeter and Subtler Game’: The Evolution of Editorial Self-Representation in Eighteenth-Century Periodicals”
Renata Schellenberg (Mount Allison University), “Publicity and Press in Eighteenth-Century Germany”
8. 1790s Britain I [CARTIER]

Chair/Président: Paul Keen, Carleton University
Mary Fairclough (Carleton University), “‘My Heart Caught with Enthusiasm the General Sympathy’: Helen Maria Williams, Mary Wollstonecraft, and the Problem of Revolutionary Fervour”
Alex Wetmore (Carleton University), “Mary Robinson, Tobias Smollett, and ‘A Whole Phalanx of Fastidious Water-Drinkers’: Spa Towns, Health and Sensibility in Humphry Clinker and The Natural Daughter
Julie Murray (Carleton University), “The Temporality of Femininity in Memoirs of Modern Philosophers

10:00-10:30, Coffee Break / 10h-10h30, Pause café

Thurs., 10:30-12:00 / Jeudi, 10h30-12h

Session II / Séance II
9. Religion and Rhetoric in Mid Eighteenth-Century Fiction [VICTORIA]

Chair/Président: Thomas Keymer, University of Toronto
Alison Conway (University of Western Ontario), “Sir Charles Grandison and the Limits of Toleration”
Linda Bree (Cambridge University Press), “‘Well known to almost every one of my readers’: Assumptions about Audience in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Fiction”
Darryl Domingo (University of Toronto), “‘Well Observed by the Poet’: Elias Brand and Richardson’s British Ancients”
10. Rousseau’s Lettre à d’Alembert sur les spectacles: Contexts and Consequences / La Lettre à d’Alembert sur les spectacles de Rousseau : contextes et conséquences

Présidente/Chair: Julie Hayes, University of Massachusetts [ALGONQUIN D]
Carol L. White (Georgia State University), “The Role of Publishing in the Republic of Letters: The Controversy regarding d’Alembert’s article ‘Genève.’”


Ann Marie Holland (McGill University), “A Response to Rousseau’s Lettre à d’Alembert from the Acting Profession”


Lucien Nouis (New York University), «Genève ou l’inscription européenne du républicanisme: Discours et censure dans la Lettre à d'Alembert»

Respondent: Patrick Coleman, University of California, Los Angeles
11. Eighteenth-Century Science: Curiosities and Wonders [CONFEDERATION]

Chair/Présidente: Sara K. Landreth, University of Ottawa
Ray Stephanson (University of Saskatchewan), “The Artificial Womb in 1752: The Case of Vincent Miller’s The Man-Plant
Nicole Wright (Yale University), “(Un)Natural Wonders?: Women in Science, Curiosity, and Connoisseurship in Eighteenth-Century France and England”
Peter Walmsley (McMaster University), “Science and Publicity in Hans Sloane’s Jamaica
12. Aesthetics in the Novel [ALGONQUIN C]

Chair/Présidente : Barbara Seeber, Brock University
Breanne Oryschak (Queen’s University), “Sex-thetics: Satiric design in Eliza Haywood’s Eovaai
Christopher Fanning (Queen’s University), “Measurement and Immeasurability: Burke and Sterne”
Lorrie Clark (Trent University), “Aesthetics, Theology, and Natural Design in Mansfield Park
13. Representing Spaces [ALGONQUIN A]

Chair/Présidente: Rosemary Daniels, University of Ottawa
Pamela Perkins (University of Manitoba), “Exploring the Sublime: Iceland in Late Eighteenth-Century British Travel Literature”
Alison Muri (University of Saskatchewan), “Imaginary Topographies, Digital Cartographies: Visualizing London as Heterotopia”
Alexis McQuigge (University of Waterloo), “The History of Miss Katty N and an Autobiography of Movement”
14. Military Practice and Experience in North America [ALGONQUIN B]

Chair/Présidente: Tiffany Potter (University of British Columbia)
Andrew Rath (McGill University), “Campaigns at the Edge of Empire: British and French Military Experiences in Peripheral Theatres of the Seven Years’ and Crimean Wars”
Erica Charters (University of Oxford), “Bodies at War: British and French Colonial Military Experience During the Seven Years’ War”
Michael Chornesky (Villanova University), “Protected Advance: An Analytical Biography of Brigadier General John Forbes”
15. Empires and Revolutions II [MACKENZIE]

Chair/Président: Chantel Lavoie, University of Toronto
Anoush F. Terjanian (East Carolina University), “The Politics of Definition: An Element of the French Imperial Arsenal”
Kathryn Ready (University of Winnipeg), “From the Seven Years’ War to the French Revolution: The Aikin Family, Anglo-French Relations, and Eighteenth-Century Dissenting Politics”
Michelle Orihel (Syracuse University), “‘Liberty, Equality, and No King’: the Democratic Societies and the War against Monarchy in 1790s America”
Mira Radanovic (McMaster University), “The Politics of Love: The Anti-Jacobin’s Science of Satire and Lanterns and Guillotines in the Garden of Darwin’s The Loves of the Plants
16. Dramatic Practice and the English Stage [CARTIER]

Chair/Présidente : Bethany Guenther, University of Ottawa
Diana Solomon (Simon Fraser University), “Restoration Prologues, Epilogues, and Audience Theory”
Robert Eggleston (University of British Columbia, Okanagan), “An Adapter Adapted: Edward Ravenscroft and Eighteenth-Century Drama”
Jennifer Donahue (Florida State University), “Exposing and Diminishing Anxiety in Eighteenth-Century Drama: Stereotypes, Sentimentality and the Role of Progressive Women in the Works of Steele and Cumberland”

Thurs., 12:00-1:30, Lunch / Jeudi, 12h-13h30, Déjeuner

“Robert Burns at 250 Years” — Readings by John Baird (Toronto)

« Robert Burns à 250 ans » — Lecture publique, John Baird (Toronto)

Thurs., 1:30-3:00 / Jeudi, 1h30-15h

Session III / Séance III
17. Genres of Feeling I [ALGONQUIN D]

Chair/Présidente: Danielle Bobker, Concordia University
Dawn Morgan (St. Thomas University), “Laurence Sterne by Tristram Shandy: Mixed Feelings, Mixed Genres in Volume VII”
Rebecca Tierney-Hynes (University of Waterloo), “Congreve’s Common Passions”
Marcie Frank (Concordia University), “Shame, Satire, and Drama in Frances Burney’s Novels of Female Development”
18. Jane Austen [VICTORIA]

Chair/Président; Daniel O’Quinn, University of Guelph
Edward Kozaczka (University of Southern California), “She learned romance as she grew older—the natural sequence of an unnatural beginning’: Queer Temporality, Spatiality, and Memory in Jane Austen’s Persuasion
Teri Doerksen (Mansfield University), “Fanny Price, Monasticism, and the Disappearing Female Body: Cloistered Learning and the Revitalization of the Gentry in Mansfield Park
Christopher Stampone (Brock University), “‘Mastering’ Jane Austen’s Text: Deconstructing Slavery in Mansfield Park
19. Taste and Aesthetics in the 1750s [ALGONQUIN B]

Chair/Président: Phil McKnight, University of Ottawa
Jody McNabb (McMaster University), “The Duration of Attention: David Hume’s Physiology of Habit and the Origin of Careless Aesthetics”
Arby Ted Siraki (University of Ottawa), “Adam Smith and the Problems of Taste”
Roger D. Lund (Lemoyne College), “‘Everything Old Is New Again’: Imitation as Originality in Edward Young’s Conjectures on Original Composition
Kristin Ott (University of St Andrews), “‘Originals shine, like comets’: James Macpherson and the 1750s”
20. La guerre de Sept Ans [MACKENZIE]

Président/Chair : Marc André Bernier, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Simon Dagenais (Université du Québec à Montréal), « La guerre vue par deux observateurs du XVIIIe siècle: Pierre Barthès et Edmond Barbier »
Ethel Groffier (Centre de recherche en droit privé et comparé du Québec), « Un réformateur en voyage. Réflexions itinérantes inspirées par la Guerre de Sept ans »
Stéphane Pujol (Université de Paris X – Nanterre), « Un mythe libéral, une invention des Lumières, le commerce comme remède à la guerre »
21. The Novel at the End of the Long Eighteenth Century [ALGONQUIN C]

Chair/Présidente: Diane Duflot, University of Ottawa
Ada Sharpe (Wilfrid Laurier University), “‘He does not Care the Rind of a Lemon for her all the while’: ‘Things,’ ‘Facts,’ and the Failure of the Family-Politic in Maria Edgeworth’s Castle Rackrent
Emma Peacocke (Carleton University), “Portraying the Alterity of the Past: Scott’s Use of Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Art Criticism in Waverley
22. Law and Literature [CONFEDERATION]

Chair/Présidente: Nancy Johnson, SUNY New Paltz
John Scanlan (Providence College), “The Literary and Legal Geography of Eighteenth-Century London”
Kathryn Temple (Georgetown University), “’Making Cows Give Milk’: Charms, Witchcraft, and the Fictions of Enlightenment Law from John Holt to William Blackstone”
Elizabeth Judge (University of Ottawa), “‘Word-pirates’ and ‘Poachers of Popularity’: Defoe and the Eighteenth-Century Law and Ethics of Originality and Authorship”
23. Candide à 250 ans / Candide at 250 [CARTIER]

Chair/Président: TBA / À communiquer
Eric Palmer (Allegheny College), “The Best of All Panglosses”
Kimberly Cox (Stony Brook University), “‘Causes and Effects’: Insatiable Hunger and the Feminization of War”

24. Topics in Book History [ALGONQUIN A]

Chair/Président : Pam Perkins, University of Manitoba
Lisa M. Wilson (SUNY College, Potsdam), “John Bell and the Production of the Della Cruscans”
Bruce Greenfield (Dalhousie University), “Authorship in the Hudson’s Bay Company: The Example of James Isham"

3:00-3:30 , Coffee Break / 15h-15h30, Pause café

Thurs., 3:30-5:00 / Jeudi, 15h30-17h

Session IV / Séance IV
25. Écrire l’histoire I: Entre épitaphes rocailles et commémorations néoclassiques

Présidente/Chair : Catherine Dubeau, Université de Waterloo [ALGONQUIN A]
Kim Gladu (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières), « ‘Ci-gît notre invincible roi’ : écrire la mort dans les épitaphes satiriques au XVIIIe siècle »
Aurélie Zygel-Basso (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières), « ‘Joli comme l’antique’: images et sentiment du passé dans les anthologies merveilleuses illustrées (1780-1790) »
26. Grammar and Lexicography [ALGONQUIN B]

Chair/Président: Arby Ted Siraki, University of Ottawa
Carol Percy (University of Toronto), “‘Arts’ and ‘Arms’: France, Britain, and the English Grammar War of 1710-12”
Sara Landreth (University of Ottawa), “Bending the Laws of Motion: Johnson’s Revisions to the Dictionary
27. Commerce and Material Culture [VICTORIA]

Chair/Présidente : Kathryn Ready, University of Winnipeg
Anne Roth-Reinhardt (University of Minnesota), “Raveling Revolution: Homespun Myth and Material in Israel Potter
Erin Parker (University of Toronto), “Devouring Feasts, Denying Famine: Abundance and Scarcity in Schaw’s Journal of a Lady of Quality

28. Workshop: Giving the Perfect Presentation—Almost Perfect! [CONFEDERATION]

Chair/Président: Robert B. Craig, Independent Scholar
Robert Craig offers a workshop and an opportunity for discussion on how to prepare and deliver an effective conference paper or presentation. This session is for newcomers to the academic conference scene, such as graduate students, but all are welcome.
29. Schiller at 250 [MACKENZIE]

Chair/Président : Dennis Mahoney, University of Vermont
Charlotte M. Craig (Rutgers University), “War and Peace in the Legacy of Schiller’s Work”
Jennifer D. Colosimo (University of Puget Sound), “Schiller’s Fragment Die Polizei and the Question of Criminal Control”
30. Philosophie des Lumières / Enlightenment Philosophy [ALGONQUIN D]

Présidente/Chair: À communiquer / TBA
Robert Sparling (University of Ottawa), “A Politics of Tolerance: Idea and Identity in Pierre Bayle’s Conscience”
Syliane Malinowski-Charles (Bishop’s University), «La construction des Lumières radicales par les premières réfutations du Spinozisme»

5:15-6:45, Plenary Lecture I / 17h15-18h45, Conférence plénière I [VICTORIA]

Fred Anderson (University of Colorado at Boulder), “1759: Year of Decision?”

6:45-8:00, Reception / 18h45-20h, Réception


  
8:30 - 5:00: Registration & Book Exhibits

8h:30 - 17h: Inscription & exposition de livres

Fri., 9:00-10:30 / Ven, 9h-10h30

Session V / Séance V
31. The British Navy [ALGONQUIN C]

Chair/Président: John Baird, University of Toronto
Mauricio Martinez (University of Guelph), “‘Ridiculous Projects’: The Unmaking of Imperial Authority and Tobias Smollett’s Rhetoric of Official Incompetence”
Daniel O’Quinn (University of Guelph), “Colonizing the Sky: Sir Joshua Reynolds’s Portraits of Augustus Keppel”
Nicholas Tracy (University of New Brunswick), “The Price of Victory: The Seven Years’ War as a Case Study in the Utility of Seapower”
32. German Responses to War [MACKENZIE]

Chair/Président: Markus Bohlmann, University of Ottawa
Norbert Puszkar (Austin Peay State University), “Ulrich Bräker, The Poor Man in Toggenburg: Economical Continuities of War and Peace”
Eric J. Klaus (Hobart and William Smith Colleges), “Bildung and Warfare”
Katrin Fischer (Bentley University), “A German Soldier’s Tale of Capture and Captivity: Abraham Urssenbacher’s Erzehlung
33. Eighteenth-Century Music [ALGONQUIN D]

Chair/Présidente: Carmela Coccimiglio, University of Ottawa
William Thierfelder (Dowling College), “Aspects of Power in Handel: Rinaldo, Giulio Cesare, Judas Maccabaeus”
Barbara Reul (Luther College, University of Regina), “‘Seven Years of Musical War’ at the German Court of Anhalt-Zerbst – a Case Study”
34. Fielding and Richardson [ALGONQUIN B]

Chair/Président: Peter Sabor, McGill University
Melissa Bloom Bissonette (St. John Fisher College), “Fielding’s Damsels in Distress and A Clear State of the Case of Elizabeth Canning
Nathalie Wolfram (Yale University), “The Counterfactual Clarissa”
Sarah Skoronski (McGill University), “Clarissa, Technology, and the Pedagogical Possibilities of Blogging”
35. Book Illustration and Visual Culture [ALGONQUIN A]

Chair/Présidente: Christina Ionescu, Mount Allison University
Cecilia Feilla (Marymount Manhattan College), “From Periphery to Center: Prud’hon’s Illustrations for La Tribu indienne, ou Edouard et Stellina (1799)”
Lauren Beck (Mount Allison University), “Representing the Conquest in the European Book Trade of the Eighteenth Century”
Darren Wagner (University of York), “Protract, Retract, Extract: Disclosing the Womb in Dissection, Illustration, and Metaphor”
36. Schiller at 250: Aesthetic, Scientific, and Dramatic Considerations

Chair/Président: Linda Dietrick, University of Winnipeg [VICTORIA]
David Pugh (Queen’s University), “Humanity and its Other: a Reading of Schiller’s ‘Das Ideal und das Leben’”
David G. John (University of Waterloo), “Goethe’s Misunderstanding of Schiller’s Robbers
37. Georgic, Commerce, and Empire [CONFEDERATION]

Chair/Présidente: Sara K. Landreth, University of Ottawa
Michael Genovese (University of Virginia), “The Organic Commerce of Georgic Poetry”
Anna Foy (University of Pennsylvania), “The Sugar-Cane (1764) and the Problem of Imperial ‘Corpulence’”
Frans De Bruyn (University of Ottawa), “Verses and Furrows: Labour and Poetry in the Georgic Tradition”
38. Love, Empire, and Revolution in Romantic Fiction [CARTIER]

Chair/Président : John O’Neal, Hamilton College
Shelley King (Queen’s University), “’The Empire of the Heart’: Amelia Opie’s Confessions of an Odd-Tempered Man and the Psychopathology of Love”
Fritz Fleischmann (Babson College), “Waging War: The American Revolution and the Battle of Sexes in John Neal’s Seventy-Six

10:30-11:00, Coffee Break / 10h30-11h, Pause café

Fri., 11:00-12:30 / Ven, 11h-12h30

Session VI / Séance VI
39. Sex Education in Eighteenth-Century France [VICTORIA]

Chair/Président: Raymond Stephanson, University of Saskatchewan
Shane Agin (Duquesne University), “Rousseau and the Construction of the Modern Sexualized Subject”
Christine Roulston (University of Western Ontario) “The Education of Cécile Volanges in Laclos’s Les liaisons dangereuses
James Grantham Turner (University of California, Berkeley), “Sexual Awakening as Radical Enlightenment: Arousal and Ontogeny in Buffon and La Mettrie”
40. German Responses to Imperial (De)Formation on North-American Soil

Chair/Président: Martin Hubley, University of Ottawa [MACKENZIE]
Dennis Mahoney (University of Vermont), “Waterways of Empire: Duke Karl Bernhard’s Travels in New York State and Canada”
Arnd Bohm (Carleton University), “News from Nova Scotia”
41. Adam Smith I: The Theory of Moral Sentiments and Contemporary Thinkers

Chair/Président: Arby Ted Siraki, University of Ottawa [ALGONQUIN A]
Nigel Joseph (University of Western Ontario), “The Impartial Spectator, Amour-Propre, and Consequences of the Secular Gaze: Rousseau’s and Adam Smith’s Responses to Mandeville”  
Andrew Bricker (Stanford University), “Mind Reading and Face Reading: Smith and Lavater”

Coby Dowdell (University of Toronto), “Warfare within the Breast”: Stoic Apathy, Richardsonian Sentimentalism, and Gendered Notions of Moderated Sensibility in Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments

42. Écrire l’histoire II: De l’art du parallèle à la philosophie de l’histoire [CARTIER]

Présidente/Chair : Ethel Groffier, Centre de recherche en droit privé et comparé du Québec
Andréane Audy-Trottier (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières), «Écriture de l’histoire et idéal pédagogique chez Fénelon»
Marc-André Bernier (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières), «Les temps parallèles. Écrire l’histoire de la guerre de Sept Ans à la lumière de celle des guerres puniques»
Alexandre Landry (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières), «Philosophie de l’histoire et hantise de la fin des temps dans l’Histoire de la religion divisée en XII époques de l’abbé Claude Yvon»
43. Eighteenth-Century War and Women [ALGONQUIN D]

Chair/Président : Kathryn Ready, University of Winnipeg
Amy Smallwood (Wright State University), “Casualties of War: Royal Naval Officers’ Widows”
Erica Nuckles (University at Albany), “A War, a Widow, and a Wagon: the Material Circumstances of Charlotte Browne”
Derek McGrath (SUNY, Stony Brook), “Definitions of Home in Terms of Immobility and Movement in Mary Rowlandson’s Captivity Narrative”
44. Nineteenth-Century Recollections of Empire [ALGONQUIN B]

Chair/Président : Rich Connors, University of Ottawa
Joe Galbo (University of New Brunswick), “The Ghosts of 1759: Reflections of Alexis de Tocqueville on the Old French Empire in North America, the American Democratic Empire, and on a New French Liberal Empire
Dan Hicks (George Mason University), “To ‘Immortalize the Fame of Free America’: Epic and Doggerel Poems of the War of 1812”
45. 1790s Britain II [CONFEDERATION]

Chair/Présidente: Julie Murray, Carleton University
Paul Keen (Carleton University), “‘The Masquerades of the Grand Carnival of Our Age’: Fashionable Politics in the 1790s”
Katherine Binhammer (University of Alberta), “The Economics of Plot in Camilla
Heather Ladd (University of Toronto), “Mary Robinson’s ‘The Poet’s Garret’ and the Humanization of the Hack in the 1790s”
46. Haywood and Defoe [ALGONQUIN C]

Chair/Président: John Scanlan, Providence College
David Oakleaf (University of Calgary), “‘I took three Guineas for the Brat of my Brain’: Competing for ‘Novel’ Readers in the Decade after Robinson Crusoe
Ula Lukszo (Stony Brook University), “French Gardens in the British Imagination: Eliza Haywood’s Love in Excess and the Tuleries Gardens”
Holly Luhning (McGill University), “Political Sex, Sexual Politics: Eliza Haywood's The Adventures of Eovaai

Fri., 12:30-2:00, Lunch / Ven, 12h30-14h, Déjeuner

NEASECS Executive Luncheon

Fri., 1:15-3:45 : Tour of National Library and Archives Canada Preservation Centre

625 Blvd. du Carrefour, Gatineau, QC.

Shuttle bus leaves at 1:15 from Sparks Street entrance.
Ven, 13h15-15h45: Visite guidée au Centre de préservation, Bibliothèque et Archives Canada

625, Blvd. du Carrefour, Gatineau, QC.

La navette partira à 13h15 de l’entrée rue Sparks.

Fri., 2:00-3:30 / Ven, 14h-15h30

Session VII / Séance VII
47. Literature and War in the Eighteenth Century [VICTORIA]

Chair/Présidente: April London, University of Ottawa
Claude Rawson (Yale University), “Mock-Heroic and War Revisited”
Thomas Keymer (University of Toronto), “British Poetry and Global War in 1759: Smart and Macpherson”
Shaun Regan (Queen’s University, Belfast), “Slavery, Service and the Sea: Olaudah Equiano and the Seven Years’ War”

48. Voltaire à la radio: Deux émissions consacrées à Voltaire par la radio de Radio-Canada; «Voltaire et le Canada» (1965) et «Voltaire s’en va-t-en Canada» (1971)

Président /Chair: Ugo Dionne, Université de Montréal [ALGONQUIN A]
Benoît Melançon (Université de Montréal)
Joël Castonguay-Bélanger (University of British Columbia)
49. Laurence Sterne and France [MACKENZIE]

Chair/Président : Christopher Fanning, Queen’s University
Margaux Whiskin (University of St Andrews), “‘Un franc original’?: Originality and Influence in Tristram Shandy by Sterne, and Jacques le Fataliste by Diderot”
Andrew Bingham (Queen’s University), “Irony and Sentiment in Public: Sterne and the French”
50. Varieties of Religious Experience [CARTIER]

Chair/Président: Roger D. Lund, Lemoyne College
Otto Selles (Calvin College), “Investigating the Mystical Ark: The Huguenot Multipliant Sect (Montpellier, March-April, 1723)” 
Jay Macpherson (University of Toronto), “Freemasons, the Temple, and the Lost Ark”
Scott Cleary (Iona College), “The Laity’s Directory, Catholic Media, and The Creation of an English Catholic Public Sphere”
51. Editing Frances Burney’s Court Journals, 1786-1791: Trials and Tribulations (Roundtable) [CONFEDERATION]

Chair/Présidente: Catherine Parisian, University of North Carolina, Pembroke
Peter Sabor (McGill University), 1786

Stewart Cooke (Dawson College), 1787

Lorna Clark (Carleton University), 1788

Geoffrey Sill (Rutgers University), 1789

Nancy E. Johnson (SUNY, New Paltz), 1790-91
52. Discourse, Colonization, and the “Other” [ALGONQUIN B]

Chair/Président; Daniel O’Quinn, University of Guelph
Laura Martin (University of California, Santa Cruz), “The Strange Career of ‘A Once Lamented Pair’: ‘Racial’ Disorientation and Barbadian Persistence in the Inkle and Yarico Legend”
Robbie Richardson (McMaster University), “Consuming Indians: Tsonnonthouan and the Commodification of Culture”
Morgan Vanek (University of Toronto), “Contested Territory: Johnson’s Critique of Topographical Metaphor in Imperial Discourse of the Seven Years’ War”
53. The Body: Conceptions and Representations [ALGONQUIN C]

Chair/Président: Raymond Stephanson, University of Saskatchewan
Dana Wight (University of Alberta), “Corpus Incertus: Articulating the Ambivalence of the Human Corpse, 1752-1832”
Kathleen James-Cavan (University of Saskatchewan), “The ‘Textibition’ of the Celebrated Dwarf, Joseph Boruwlaski, Polish Gentleman”
Jody Cooper (University of Ottawa), “Taboo Substance: Tragedy, Materiality, and Public Execution”

54. Empire, Romance, and Epic in the Restoration Period [ALGONQUIN D]

Chair/Président: Nicholas von Maltzahn, University of Ottawa
Margaret Reeves (University of British Columbia, Okanagan), “Fantasy, Empire, and Romance in Aphra Behn’s Love-Letters Between a Nobleman and his Sister
John Burke (University of Alabama), “Dryden and Ekphrasis: Art and Empire in the Temples of Virgil’s Aeneid
Marie-Alice Belle (Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle), “Ut pictura translatio? Dryden’s Virgil and the ‘Beautiful Translation’”

3:30-4:00 , Coffee Break / 15h30-16h, Pause café

16h-17h15: Conférence plénière II / 4:00-5:15 : Plenary Lecture II

Alain Beaulieu (Université du Québec à Montréal): « De la médiation à la protection :

les sens de la Conquête pour les Autochtones du Canada »


Fri, 7 p.m. / Ven, 19h

Graduate Student Roundtable / Table ronde des étudiant(e)s des cycles supérieurs

Fox and Feather Pub, 283 Elgin Street / 283, rue Elgin
  

8:30 - 12:00: Registration & Book Exhibits

8h:30 - 12h: Inscription & exposition de livres

Sat., 8:30-10:00 / Sam, 8h30-10h

Session VIII / Séance VIII
55. Sciences de la nature [ALGONQUIN A]

Président/Chair : Otto Selles, Calvin College
Sarah Benharrech (University of Maryland), «Apercevoir les perfections invisibles: enjeux de la caractérisation chez les moralistes et naturalistes classiques»
Swann Paradis (Glendon College, York University), «Buffon en 1759 : silence, aveuglement et “sixième sens” »
56. Genres of Feeling II [CONFEDERATION]

Chair/Présidente: Marcie Frank, Concordia University
Danielle Bobker (Concordia University), “Coming Out: Enlightenment Closets and Queer Publics”
Sandra Macpherson (Ohio State University) “Georgic Desire”
Joseph Chaves (University of Northern Colorado), “Hamilton’s Unease: The Travel Journal and the Failure of Polite Conversation”
57. The English Novel at Mid Century [ALGONQUIN C]

Chair/Président: Peter Walmsley (McMaster University)
Susan McNeill-Bindon (University of Alberta), “Re-Designing The Christian’s Pattern: Considering Henry Brooke’s Construction of the Man of Feeling as Christ-Figure in The Fool of Quality
Susan Paterson Glover (Laurentian University), “Fair Countrywomen and Fellow Citizens: Frances Brooke’s Political Tourism”
Diane Duflot (University of Ottawa), “Socializing Arabella: Female Companionship and Companionate Marriage in Charlotte Lennox’s The Female Quixote
58. L’écriture et la femme [MACKENZIE]

Président/Chair: Viviana Valdes Santos, Phillips Exeter Academy
Janet Whatley (University of Vermont), “Écrivez… guérissez-nous”: Charrière’s Correspondence and Fiction on the French Revolution”
Catherine Dubeau (University of Waterloo), «Mort et fabrique de la mémoire chez Suzanne Necker»
Robin Craig (Laurentian University), «Territoires imaginés: paysages celtiques et le préromantisme français»

59. James Wolfe: Constructing a Military Hero / James Wolfe: la construction d’un héros militaire [VICTORIA]

Chair/Président: Frans De Bruyn, University of Ottawa
Joan Coutu (University of Waterloo), “Constructing a Memory: the Monument to James Wolfe in Westminster Abbey”
David McNeil (Dalhousie University), “‘A Dialogue betwixt General Wolfe, and the Marquis Montcalm, in the Elysian Fields’ [1759]: Lucianic Satire or British Propaganda?”
Stéphane Roy (Carleton University), “James Wolfe, héros consensuel? The Death of Wolfe de Benjamin West et sa réception en France à la fin du 18e siècle”
60. Scotland and Enlightenment [ALGONQUIN B]

Chair/Présidente: Jessica Brichta, University of Ottawa
Neven Leddy (Simon Fraser University), “Exporting the Scottish Enlightenment to Montreal”

Simon Kow (University of King’s College), “Barbarism and Empire in Scottish Enlightenment History”

61. The Novels of Frances Burney [ALGONQUIN D]

Chair/Président: Peter Sabor, McGill University
Linda Van Netten (University of Alberta), “The Quest for Identity in Frances Burney’s Evelina
Hilary Havens (McGill University), “Cecilia and Eighteenth-Century Stylistics”
Li-ching Chen (National University of Kaohsiung, Taiwan), “‘But I Do My Own Way’: Mrs. Mittin’s Autonomy and Making of Respectability in Frances Burney’s Camilla

10:00-10:30, Coffee Break / 10h-10h30, Pause café

Sat., 10:30 am-12:00 / Sam, 10h30-12h

Session VIII / Séance VIII
62. Art, Architecture, the Decorative Arts and the Consequences of the Seven Years’ War / Les conséquences de la guerre de Sept Ans sur les beaux-arts, l’architecture et les arts décoratifs [ALGONQUIN A]

Chair/ Président: Alden Gordon, Trinity College (Hartford)

Beverly Schreiber Jacoby (Independent Scholar, New York), “English Lords Buying French Tapestries in the 1760s: How the End of the Seven Years’ War Helped the Scotsman Neilson to Work at the Gobelins in Paris”

Pierre-Édouard Latouche (Centre Canadien d’Architecture), « L’histoire de l’art telle qu’elle se fait au Canada: la guerre de Sept Ans et ses suites, ont-elles vraiment transformé les manières de peindre, de sculpter, de construire, de se meubler ? »

Peter Lindfield (University of St Andrews), “Thomas Chippendale, Horace Walpole and Medieval England: Revival of the Gothic Aesthetic in the 1750s”

63. Making Poetry in the Long Eighteenth Century [VICTORIA]

Chair/Présidente: Alison Conway, University of Western Ontario
J. Paul Hunter (University of Virginia), “Poetry on the Page”
John Richetti (University of Pennsylvania), “Dialogue and Declamation in Some Eighteenth-Century Verse
John Sitter (University of Notre Dame), “A Poetics of the Long 1759”
64. Représentations théâtrales et conventions romanesques [CARTIER]

Président/Chair: Otto Selles, Calvin College
Flora Mele (Université de Paris, Sorbonne), «Les représentations théâtrales de Favart pendant la guerre de succession autrichienne»
Natalie LaFleur (Université du Manitoba), «L’esthétique théâtrale dans les œuvres romanesques de Denis Diderot»
Ugo Dionne (Université de Montréal), «Les trois romans du romancier: Réflexions à partir du chevalier de Mouhy»
65. Jane Austen’s Modern Empire: Imitations, Adaptations, Parodies

Chair/Président: Katherine Binhammer, University of Alberta [ALGONQUIN B]
Steven Woodward (Bishop’s University), “A Truth Universally Acknowledged: Narration in Adaptations of Pride and Prejudice
Claire Grogan (Bishop’s University), “Lost in Austen: Imitation, Parody, and Intertextuality”
Barbara Seeber (Brock University), “Jane Austen, Nature, and The Lake House
66. History and the Novel [CONFEDERATION]

Chair/Présidente: Ina Ferris, University of Ottawa
Ruth Mack (SUNY, Buffalo), “Colonel Jack, History, and Punishment”
Anne H. Stevens (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), “History as Entertainment: The Historical Novel in the Circulating Library”
Morgan Rooney (University of Ottawa), “Representing History in a Post-Revolutionary Age: Jane Porter and Historical Fiction before Walter Scott”
67. Cosmopolitan Curiosity / Curiosité cosmopolite [ALGONQUIN C]

Chair/Président: Joerg Esleben, University of Ottawa
Johanna Smith (University of Texas, Arlington), “Wives, Widows, and Cosmopolitans in Mariana Starke’s The Sword of Peace and The Widow of Malabar
Jeff Webb (Huntington University), “What Voltaire Mis-learned About Religion and Politics from William Penn”
Cécile Champonnois, « Les pratiques lyriques : Sujet de curiosité pour les voyageurs français et anglais du dix-huitième siècle »
68. Adam Smith II: The Theory of Moral Sentiments and its Problems

Chair/Président: Arby Ted Siraki, University of Ottawa [ALGONQUIN D]
Tom Jones (University of St Andrews), “Who Feels Sympathy for Adam Smith?”
Stephanie DeGooyer (Cornell University), “Fellow-Strangers: on the Possibility or Impossibility of Universal Sympathy in Adam Smith’s The Theory of Moral Sentiments
Rachel Schneider (University of Texas at Austin), “Fragmentary Selves: (Aesthetic) Living with the Man in the Breast in The Theory of Moral Sentiments
69. Empires of Knowledge I: Territories, Disciplines, Minds [MACKENZIE]

Chair/Présidente: Paola Mayer, University of Guelph
Kamaal Haque (Dickinson College), “Seeing (in Person) is Believing: Werner, Humboldt and the Neptunist/Volcanist Controversy”
David Pugh (Queen’s University), “The Anthropological Realignment in Halle”
Christina Contandriopoulos (McGill University), “The ‘Physiognomy of Landscape’ from Jacques-Antoine Dulaure to Alexander von Humboldt”
Respondent: Christine Lehleiter (University of Toronto)

Sat., 12:00-1:15, Lunch / Sam., 12h-13h15, Déjeuner

Sat., 1:15-2:45 / Sam, 13h15-14h45
Session IX / Séance IX
70. 1790s Britain III [VICTORIA]

Chair/Présidente: Jody Cooper, University of Ottawa

Georgina Green (Carleton University), “‘Jacobins and Maroons might be hunted down together': John Thelwall, Legal Exceptionalism and the Defiance of State Sovereignty"

Quenby Joanette (Carleton University) “The Deconstruction of the Everywoman in Mary Hays’s The Victim of Prejudice
Mark Phillips (Carleton University), “Bowyer’s Historic Gallery: What is the History in History Painting?”
71. Écrire l’histoire III: Interpréter l’aventure historique des Lumières (XVIIIe-XXe siècles) [MACKENZIE]

Présidente/Chair : Ethel Groffier, Centre de recherche en droit privé et comparé du Québec
Sébastien Drouin (École pratique des hautes études), «La guerre de Sept Ans dans la presse canadienne et européenne du XVIIIe siècle»
Charles-Ph. Courtois (Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean), «La Conquête: une anthologie»
Nelson Guilbert (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières), «Réécrire l’histoire du XVIIIe siècle à l’aube du XXIe : dire adieu aux philosophes»
72. Revisiting the Great Estate: Houses, Parks, Farms, Cottages [ALGONQUIN B]

Chair/Présidente: Alison Conway, University of Western Ontario
Mary Chan (University of Alberta), “‘Much the Best Place for Her’: the Marginal Spaces of Mansfield Park

Cynthia Wall (University of Virginia), “The Impress of the Invisible: Lodges, Gates, and Other Ways of Approaching Things”

73. English and French Cultural Interaction [ALGONQUIN A]

Chair/Président : Rich Connors, University of Ottawa
Christina Ionescu (Mount Allison University), “French Fiction Published in the Novelist’s Magazine
Lisa Berglund (SUNY-Buffalo State College), “British Synonymy in Imperial France: Remaking Mrs. Piozzi as a Cultural Ambassador”
Robert Merrett (University of Alberta), “Britain in France and France in Britain: Cultural Exchanges between Imperial Rivals, 1750-1789”
75. War, Literary Genre, and the Representation of Masculinity [CONFEDERATION]

Chair/Président: Ian Dennis, University of Ottawa
John Baird (University of Toronto), “Epics Ancient and Modern for These Times: Fingal vs. The British Lion Rous’d
Megan Woodworth (University of Exeter), “Heroic Fictions and Fictional Heroes: War and the Evolution of a Masculine Ideal from Richardson to Austen”
76. Empires of Knowledge II [ALGONQUIN D]

Chair/Président: Arnd Bohm, Carleton University
Linda Dietrick (University of Winnipeg), “Some German Literary Reflections on the Sexuality of Plants, 1779-1799”
Joerg Esleben (University of Ottawa), “Performative Mapping in Georg Forster’s Works”

Christine Lehleiter (University of Toronto), “Searching for the Nature of Language: Comparative Anatomy, Genealogy, and Early Nineteenth-Century Philology”

Respondent: Paola Mayer (University of Guelph)

2:45-3:15 , Coffee Break / 14h45-15h15, Pause café

Sat., 3:15-5:00 / Sam, 15h15-17h

Session XI / Séance XI
77. Eighteenth-Century Poetic Genres [ALGONQUIN C]

Chair/Présidente: Betty Schelleberg, Simon Fraser University
Phil McKnight (University of Ottawa), “An Epicurean Delight: Angling Poetry of the 1690s”
Anna Miegon (Simon Fraser University), “Unveiling the Eighteenth-Century Enigma’s Forms and Functions”
Miriam Jones (University of New Brunswick), “Hitting Below the Belt: Edmund Curll, Eliza Haywood, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, The Popiad, and The Female Dunciad
Gwendolyn Davies (University of New Brunswick) and Carole Gerson (Simon Fraser University), “From Bath to Birchbark: Meanderings of a Marriage Poem”
78. Religion and Empire [MACKENZIE]

Chair/Président: Nick Milne, University of Ottawa
Jennifer Farooq (University of Regina), “Exploring Transatlantic Sermon Culture: Preaching on the Seven Years’ War in the British Atlantic”
Kelly McGuire (Trent University), “‘Renovated Beings’: Sermons, Resuscitation, and Transnational Exchange in the Eighteenth Century”
Rhonda Ray (East Stroudsburg University), “Burke's A Philosophical Enquiry: A Defense of Christianity and the State Church”
Natalia Vesselova (University of Ottawa), “‘The Strongest Tie to Unity and Obedience’: Paradoxes of Freethinking, Religion, and Colonialism in Frances Brooke’s History of Emily Montague
79. Aphra Behn’s Politics Revisited [CONFEDERATION]

Chair/Présidente: Alison Conway, University of Western Ontario
Cynthia Richards (Wittenberg University), “Democratic Dispersals: Torture in Oroonoko
Daniel Gustafson (Yale University), “Party Politics, Behn’s Oroonoko, and the Repudiation of Romance”
Corrinne Harol (University of Alberta), “Behn and the Politics of Passivity”
Laura Rosenthal (University of Maryland), “Behn, Oroonoko, and Cosmopolitanism”
80. Shakespeare in the Eighteenth Century [VICTORIA]

Chair/Présidente: Gefen Bar-On Santor, University of Ottawa
Nick Hudson (University of British Columbia), “The Mystery of Aesthetic Response: Dryden and Johnson on Shakespeare”
Fiona Brideoake (American University, Washington), “Domesticizing the Bard: The Subversive Conservatism of Harriet Bowdler’s The Family Shakespeare
Tiffany Potter (University of British Columbia) and Gefen Bar-On Santor (University of Ottawa), “Staging Indians Speaking Shakespeare: Theatrical Allusion in Robert Rogers’ Ponteach, or The Savages of America
81. Women and the Public Sphere [ALGONQUIN B]

Chair/Présidente: Lisa Berglund, SUNY Buffalo
Joanne Holland (McGill University), “Elizabeth Burnet’s Model of Female Political Engagement during the Age of Anne”
Pia K. Jakobsson (University of Texas, Dallas), “Elizabeth Montagu: Literary Patriot in Search of Self”
Sarah Peterson Pittock (Boston University), “‘Where Conversation Holds her Seat’: Collaborative Learning in the Bluestocking Salon”
82. Mapping Culture: Topographies of London’s Imagined Spaces [ALGONQUIN A]

Chair/Présidente: Allison Muri, University of Saskatchewan
Meshon Cantrill (University of Saskatchewan), “Who Has Not Trembled at the Mohock’s Name? Mapping Print Culture and the Construction of Panic in Early Eighteenth-Century London”
Craig Harkema (University of Saskatchewan), “(Re)Creating Space: The Information Architecture of John Gay’s Trivia
Kurt Krueger (University of Saskatchewan), “Gentlemen and Topography in Boswell’s London Journal: 1762-1763
Joel Salt (University of Saskatchewan), “Re-Structuring, Re-Mapping, Re-Remembering: The Digital De Quincey and Mapping the Labyrinth of London”
83. Imperial Reverberations: The Aftermath of the Seven Years’ War

Chair/Président: Anoush F. Terjanian (East Carolina University) [ALGONQUIN D]
David Stiles (University of Toronto), “Havana/Manila 1762: Diverging Concepts of Empire”

Neil Stubbs (University of Lethbridge), “Caught Between Empires: The Rise and Fall of the Republic of Vermont (1777-1791)”

Marc Harris (Pennsylvania State University), “Mobilization, the Seven Years’ War, and the Political Culture of Pennsylvania”
84. Cosmopolitisme et Romantisme [CARTIER]

Présidente/Chair: Catherine Dubeau, Université de Waterloo
Amalia Jiménez (Université du Manitoba), «L’examen par Jean-Jacques Rousseau du Projet de Paix Perpétuelle de l’Abbé de Saint-Pierre»
Federico Bonzi (Universitá degli Studi di Napoli), «Le cosmopolitanisme dans le XVIIIe siècle: Rousseau en face de Montesquieu»

Sat., 5:00-5:45 / Sam, 17h-17h45

CSECS General Meeting / Assemblée générale de la SCEDHS:


Sat., 6:30-10:00 / Sam, 18h30-22h
6:30-7:30: Cash Bar / 18h30-19h30: Bar payant
7:30/19h30: Banquet


Après-dîner / Conférence: Sandra Sherman (Fordham University)

"Cross-Channel Food Fights: Anglo-French Rivalry in the Eighteenth-Century Kitchen"

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