Makah whaling pathfinder primary Sources

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Primary Sources:

Treaty of Neah Bay
The Makah Indian Tribe and Whaling Questions and Answers

from the Makah Tribal Council and Makah Whaling Commission
Makah waiver request to NOAA

February 11, 2005
Secondary Sources:

Makah Whaling
Northwest Indian News

news episodes on whaling #1, #9, #12, #22, #24
Seattle Post-Intelligencer article
Worldwide Whaling Statistics

The Third Wave: A blog of opinions, pro and con
from E Library – FOX News interview, Ron Allen and Paul Watson
PAWS Magazine article (con)
Some Makahs oppose whaling issue (con)

Pro Whaling Blog (pro)
High North Alliance - News Headlines 1999 – Makah Indians caught a gray whale (pro)

Download 7.65 Kb.

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