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AT Natives Love Obama

Natives are still mixed over Obama

Zimmer 7/11 (Eric S., Indian County, “Obama at Standing Rock: The Next Vital Steps”,, accessed 7/20 //RJ)
The history of executive visits to Indian reservations suggests we should cast a wary eye on last week’s trip and what it means for the future of Indian affairs. On one hand, Obama seems more sincere in his commitment to Natives than most of his predecessors. His interest in Native issues reaches back to at least 2008, when he was ceremonially adopted by Montana’s Crow Nation and named “One Who Helps People Throughout the Land” during a campaign stop. He has followed through on the symbolism of that event in a number of ways. Obama hosts a White House Tribal Nations Conference every year, at which tribal leaders from across the country discuss employment, energy, health care, criminal jurisdiction, and other issues. Last year, Obama signed an executive order creating the White House Council on Native American Affairs, a group of policy advisers tasked with planning and executing policies along with tribal communities. Whether this council will have a healthy, meaningful relationship with tribes remains to be seen. But the administration has also taken important strides toward improving infrastructure and economic development in Indian country, supporting tribal businesses, courts, and healthcare centers in their struggles against poverty, crime, and disease.¶ On the other hand, it is disappointing that it took the president six years to visit Indian country, and the historic nature of the day will only carry the administration so far. When it comes to promises, Native communities have seen and heard it all before. Understanding and respecting tribal sovereignty is the core tenet of effective Indian policy, seconded by the federal government’s willingness to fulfill the trust responsibility that obligates it to providing the resources tribes need to overcome the challenges they face.

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