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AT Obamacare Thumps

Republicans’ sole focus on Obamacare undermines their midterms chances.

Nowicki 5/11 (Dan, AZ Central, “Democrats face tough landscape in 2014 midterms”, , Accessed 7/20 //RJ)
"I don't think the Democrats are going to take back the House, but you never know," said Pastor, who has served in the House since 1991 and is the senior member of Arizona's House delegation. "In the Senate, I think they're going to be able to hold their own. They expected this two years ago and had a number of candidates in Missouri and Indiana and things didn't go well. Sometimes primaries produce candidates that are not the best candidate, and you never know in a campaign when you're going to have a misstep."¶ Others said House Republicans may have miscalculated by focusing so heavily on Obama's troubled health-care rollout at the expense of other issues such as immigration reform. While the health-care technical embarrassments and other problems have given Republicans a lift, the administration has taken steps to recover and it's unclear how the issue will play over the summer.¶ "Putting all their eggs in that 'Obamacare' basket might be a mistake," said David Berman, an Arizona State University professor emeritus and senior research fellow at the school's Morrison Institute for Public Policy. "They hit 8 million (sign-ups), and it's working. Even though a majority of the people disapprove of it, a majority also want to see it fixed, so I can see that sort of fading as an issue.

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