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Weeramantry and Burroughs 05—*former Vice-President of the International Court of Justice AND **Executive Director of the New York-based Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy (*Judge Christopher AND **John, “International Law and Peace: A Peace Lesson,” Hague Appeal for Peace, July 2005,

International law may well be described as the queen of disciplines which deal with global order. Leadership in the battle against the factors disrupting global peace is the natural province of international law. There are many wonderful aspects of international law which every teacher, every schoolchild, and every member of the public should know. The principles underlying international law are based upon universally accepted values and moral standards. They can be understood by every schoolchild. When children are informed about them their eyes light up with appreciation that the international world is governed by principles which are so acceptable to them. International law represents the essence of the progress of civilization towards a world ruled by law rather than a world ruled by force. It took thousands of years of effort, hundreds of wars, and the sacrifice of millions of lives to achieve this. It is thus a very precious possession of all human beings, which must be carefully protected. International law is an essential tool for the abolition of war. War has been a part of the human condition for thousands of years, but its abolition is now a necessity. With weapons of mass destruction becoming ever more readily available to state and non-state actors, the threat to a peaceful world being dragged into catastrophic conflict is so great that civilization itself is in peril. Misunderstanding and cross cultural ignorance are among the root causes of war. While global forces demolish geographical barriers and move the world toward a unified economy, clashes among cultures can have damaging impact on peace. International law draws upon the principles of peace expressed by great peacemakers and embodied in ancient writings, religions, and disciplines, and places them in the social and political context of today to dissipate the clouds of prejudice, ignorance and vested interests that stand in the way of world peace and harmony.

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