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2NC – AT: USFG = People

The Federal government is the central government


Federal government. Of or relating to the central government of a nation, having the character of a federation as distinguished from the governments of the constituent unites (as states or provinces).

2NC – Ext. Explodes Limits

Their interp explodes limits – there are 150 types of NGOs that are not under the jurisdiction of the US government

Merrick 98 (Robert R. Merrick, Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army, “Engagement: The Nation’s Premier Grand Strategy, Who's In Charge?, April 1 1998,
While engagement activities of the various governmental agencies are synchronized by the Ambassador and the deployed military force fall under the control of the CINC the 150~ NGOs, PVOs and lOs are not controlled by any single agency. Diplomatic relationships, fostered by mutual respect and concern, provide the best conduit to influence the strategies of the NGOs, PVOsand 10e. However, it is apparent that neither the CINC nor the Ambassador can control ALL the engagement efforts in a region. So, while Selective Engagement remains the most preferred of the post-cold war Grand Strategies, the problem of implementing a cohesive strategy used by both government and private agencies remains. As long as private agencies are permitted to operate autonomously, the President’s ability to execute engagement activities, through his Ambassadors and CINCs, is confined solely to US governmental agencies and organizations.

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