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NC A-J Relations – Internal Link – AT: Whaling=Small Dispute

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2NC A-J Relations – Internal Link – AT: Whaling=Small Dispute

Even if whaling is a small issue, it’s still a central part of Japan-Australia relations – worsening incidents could exacerbate tensions between the two nations.

Wilson 10—former Australian Ambassador to Myanmar (Trevor, “Whales Apart: Tensions in Japan-Australia relations,” Asialink: The University of Melbourne, March 2010,

We must assume no solution will easily be found through science, through legal action or solely through reliance on the IWC. Official negotiators are hampered by intransigence of their respective governments, driven by polarised publics. Japan, we hope, will weigh the costs (financial, political and diplomatic) of continuing whaling against the absence of real or ongoing benefits of any kind. International thinking on whaling has changed: Japan could cease pelagic whaling and win enormous international support. In the mean time, Australia would be wise to stop provoking Japan unnecessarily and allow it to back down with some grace. If the dispute is not resolved soon, but continues to escalate, some damage to bilateral relations is inevitable. Even if this is small, it will not be forgotten on either side.

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