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Plan sets a bad precedent – leads to whaling exemptions for Norway, Finland, and Japan.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society 05—an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization (“Makah Whaling Could Set a Dangerous Precedent,” Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, 9/22,

Captain Watson, who is also a co-founder of the Greenpeace Foundation, disagrees strongly with the recent statement by Greenpeace oceans specialist John Hocevar who said that "no indigenous hunt has ever destroyed whale populations, and looking at the enormous other threats to whales and putting the Makah whaling in context, it's pretty different." "Hocevar simply sees this as a few whales being killed, and in his mind, these animals are expendable in the name of promoting a tribal culture. We see it as a dangerous, precedent-setting issue where the Icelanders, Faeroese, Norwegians, Danes, and Japanese can also claim "cultural necessity" to justify their presently illegal whaling practices. Greenpeace, out of fear of being seen as politically incorrect, simply refuses to see the bigger picture, just as they refused to understand the situation five years ago."

Any Makah quota would be based off cultural subsistence, not nutritional need as mandated by the IWC – makes Japan whaling inevitable because it has much stronger cultural ties to whaling than the Makah.

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