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Peterson 96—a novelist and nature writer, author of 17 books, including a New York Times “Notable Book of the Year” (Brenda, “Who Will Speak For The Whales? -- Elders Call For A Spiritual Dialogue On Makah Tribe's Whaling Proposal,” The Seattle Times, 12/22,

Whaling nations like Japan, Russia and Norway are watching the Makah because their precedent could create a new IWC category of whaling: cultural heritage as the only requirement for an aboriginal quota. As a recent report by Rick Spill of the Animal Welfare Institute points out, Makah whaling could clear the way for Japan and other countries to practice cultural coastal whaling without demonstrating a nutritional need and "without having to officially repeal the existing moratorium against commercial whaling." Makah whaling would also undermine the U.S. in its international stance against whaling. While the federal government supported the Makah last year in their intent to request IWC support for whaling, the U.S. Congress unanimously passed a bipartisan resolution opposing the Makah whale hunt.

Current Japanese scientific whaling has already put relations on the brink – expansion of commercial whaling would collapse the relationship.

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