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Treaties DA Australia-Japan Relations DA

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Treaties DA

Australia-Japan Relations DA

1NC Australia-Japan Relations DA

Japan’s adherence to recent court rulings over whaling has reaffirmed the Japan-Australia alliance – however, commercial whaling would destroy squo cooperation.

MacCallum 14—a political journalist and commentator (Mungo, “Whaling verdict a victory for international law,” ABC, 4/7,

The decision does not mean that Japanese whaling will cease altogether; the ICJ decision only covers JARPA II, and it will be open to Japan to hunt in northern waters, or even to start a genuine research program perhaps in concert with Australia - the court accepts that legitimate research could involve killing some whales. But the decision does mean that JARPA II - the pseudo-scientific whaling in the Southern Ocean which was the legitimate subject of Australia's concern - will end as of now, because Japan and Australia both agreed to abide by the court's findings, and Japan has reaffirmed this commitment. And that's where the really good news starts. The dispute between the two countries has been prolonged, messy, at times ugly, and has occasionally threatened an important relationship. It has involved direct action by organisations such as Sea Shepherd, putting the Australian Government in a real wedge between supporting basic principles and maritime order. There have been blandishments, bellicosity, bluff and brinkmanship.

The plan would lower the precedent for a whaling quota – allows Japan to gain an exemption without meeting all requirements. (should I include nutritional need exemption in tag?)

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