Makah Whaling neg brag lab ndi 2014 Topicality t-its

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Narratives K---Framework---2NC

The judge is an ethical intellectual tasked with interrogating the ideology an material benefits of the aff – solves all their offense – they get the case and we get the K

All of our links prove that a policy framework always forces the native to be put in the spotlight allowing for a constant form of cooption – engagement with policy is taken for granted by the aff – participation in the legal system by the native has only led to an ongoing genocide

Even if you don’t prefer our critical framework still weigh the link and impact against the case – an ongoing cultural destruction which the aff props up through its interrogation of the native and its stories

Legal inclusion is not in line with the American Indian way of life. The law delegitimizes this lifestyle and perpetuates racist notions of Indian inferiority

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