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Inclusion of narratives of oppression within the state lead to their destruction

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Inclusion of narratives of oppression within the state lead to their destruction

Murad 10, Fatima Zahra Habib Mohammed Baqir Murad, nearest date given is 2010, Murad has a master’s degree in communications and education from the University of Ontario, “NARRATIVES OF HOPE IN ANTI-OPPRESSION EDUCATION: WHAT ARE ANTI-RACISTS FOR?”, NN

Institutionalization not only robs community education of its efficacy – it robs it of its soul. As Madonna Thunderhawk (2007) argues in her essay, “Native Organizing Before the Non-Profit Industrial Complex” institutionalization brings the state into bed with anti-state activists, it forces us to depend on the good opinion of governing bodies for our bread and butter and alienates those who cannot fit into the professionalized model of state-sanctioned activism. Thunderhawk argues that this kills movements. The experiences of many anti-oppression facilitators mirror this statement. We are not creating structural change, and as facilitation turns into a profession, those of us who can do the work of community education form an ever-shrinking pool of people. Even so, Magpie argues in her interviews that there is a strong case for a limited institutionalization of anti-oppression education, and for many of the same reasons. As a facilitator who has been working since the early 90s in radical communities around Ontario and Quebec, Magpie argues that marginalized facilitators need the protection that institutionalization offers. How are we, as facilitators, supposed to care about capital-C Change when we are abused, derided, and harassed by the communities we are supposed to be working within? Magpie and I brought up this dynamic in our interviews, and Min alluded to it; what protection can we as facilitators seek when our livelihoods are threatened by those we should be in solidarity with? Many facilitators have experienced an ebb and flow of contracts available to them in accordance with ebbs and flows in 167 community popularity. I have heard stories of contracts lost or pay cheques denied because of personal conflict – because a facilitator slept with the wrong person, or disagreed with the wrong person.

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