Makah Whaling neg brag lab ndi 2014 Topicality t-its

That’s a voter for fairness and education –

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That’s a voter for fairness and education –

1. Limits – there are countless groups of people and governments that the aff could use – explodes the topic and makes it impossible for the neg to prepare

2. Ground – the aff denies access to key DA links like politics by changing the ground from the government – kills fairness and government education

2NC – Overview

Take a stand before the season starts to shape the direction of this HUGE topic – voting on T at camp sets a precedent for what is and isn’t topical the whole year. A topical affirmative must increase federal government development or exploration of the oceans. That’s key for two reasons:

1. Limits – the aff interpretation explodes the topic because it allows for non-governmental affs – there are infinitely many groups of people that the aff could use – this makes neg preparation impossible and forces neg teams to go for stupid generics – the loss of specific, well-researched strategies and comparison decimates the best kind of research and cost-benefit analysis that debate can offer – that’s key to info processing in a world where we are constantly bombarded by too much information.

2. Ground – the aff interpretation makes it impossible for the neg to go for DAs like politics and process CPs that change the federal implementation procedure or Ks that rely on federal action – a standard set of links and competition args is key to check back the aff bias on such a big topic – prefer our interpretation because learning about government policy is more important than ever in a world with an increasingly uninformed public

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