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Jenkins and Romanzo 98—have a private law practice in Washington D.C., specializing in international and environmental law, and trade and the environment (*Leestefly AND **Cara, “Makah Whaling: Aboriginal Subsistence or a Stepping Stone to Undermining the Commercial Whaling Moratorium?,” Colorado Journal of Int'l Envt'l Law and Policy Colorado Journal of International Environmental Law and Policy, LexisNexis, Winter 1998,

A Makah ASW quota based upon cultural heritage arguments would indicate that a very minimal showing of nutritional and subsistence need could satisfy this prong of the ASW test. If arguments for nutritional and subsistence needs are not strictly construed as paramount to the ASW exemption, even modern affluent societies might only need to make a weak argument showing a cultural need for whale meat. Under such a scenario, the Japanese desire to maintain a pleasing diversity of protein sources, along with local, coastal community preferences for whale meat, might become sufficiently compelling arguments to support an ASW quota.

AT: Treaty of Neah Bay

The Makah tribe has no legal right to whale – whaling moratorium supercedes the Treaty of Neah Bay

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