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Jenkins and Romanzo 98—have a private law practice in Washington D.C., specializing in international and environmental law, and trade and the environment (*Leestefly AND **Cara, “Makah Whaling: Aboriginal Subsistence or a Stepping Stone to Undermining the Commercial Whaling Moratorium?,” Colorado Journal of Int'l Envt'l Law and Policy Colorado Journal of International Environmental Law and Policy, LexisNexis, Winter 1998,

For over a decade, the Japanese have been unsuccessful in their attempts to receive a quota from the IWC for their alleged "cultural need," despite extremely vigorous efforts to substantiate an ongoing Japanese "cultural tradition" of whaling. These culture-based arguments have never been accepted by the IWC, and the IWC has voted against all attempts by the Japanese to receive an aboriginal or small type coastal whaling quota [*81] on this basis. n24 The IWC has not acceded to Japanese requests for a coastal community quota based only on cultural need because the issuance of such a quota would undermine not only the strict legal requirements but also the conservationist spirit of the current moratorium on commercial whaling. n25 Because the Makah claim of a "cultural need" to whale invokes very similar slippery slope problems of legal precedent, the IWC should similarly reject the Makah petition for an ASW quota.

No continuing traditional dependence on whaling – died off a century ago and replaced by seal hunting.

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