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Sets an international precedent

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Sets an international precedent

McKibben 2/12

(Bill McKibben, the Schumann distinguished scholar at Middlebury College, is the founder of and the author of "Fighting Global Warming Now" and other books. “ Keystone XL Is a Fight That Has Galvanized the Public” NY Times, Feb 12, 2014,

As it turns out, Keystone XL is the issue that has brought more activists into the street than any environmental question in a generation. That's because they understand that if we're ever going to tackle global warming we actually have to leave some carbon in the ground. And they understood that this was one place where President Obama, acting by himself, could make an enormous difference. Should he do the right thing, it would be the first time a world leader has said: Here's a project we won't build because of its effect on the climate. That might help reopen the international negotiations that the State Department wrecked at Copenhagen in 2009, in the greatest foreign policy fiasco of the first Obama term.

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