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Keystone Key to Broad Action

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Keystone Key to Broad Action

Win on keystone key to more activism

Pica 2/12

(Erich Pica is the president of Friends of the Earth U.S., “Building Keystone Would be a Big Mistake,” NY Times, Feb 12, 2014,

The fight against the pipeline has galvanized a coalition of young people, environmentalists, ranchers, Native Americans and others who understand it’s time for the United States to prioritize progress and a commitment to renewable energy over the interests of oil industry. The pipeline represents the very worst aspects of fossil fuel extraction. It would result in the building of new infrastructure to support the movement and refining of the dirtiest and most polluting type of oil, instead of devoting such resources to support cleaner, renewable and more sustainable types of energy. Denial of the Keystone XL pipeline would empower more climate activism, as well as prevent a dirty energy source from being exploited. President Obama must stop that development if he hopes to have any kind of climate legacy.

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