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Plan creates jobs and allows natives to recover from the past

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Plan creates jobs and allows natives to recover from the past.

LaDuke et al. 10 (Winona, Bob Gough, Tom Goldtooth, Honor the Earth, Intertribal Council on Utility Policy, “Energy Justice in Native America”, //RJ)
Providing clean renewable energy development and reversing the trend from exploitation toward energy justice should be top priority in administration energy decisions. Tribes must be provided federal support to own and operate a new crop of renewable electricity generating infrastructure providing the dual benefits of low carbon power and green economic development where it is needed most. Tribes should be targeted with efficiency programs to reduce consumption of fossil fuels for heating and cooling and creating local jobs weatherizing and retrofitting buildings, helping reduce the tremendous amount of money that exits communities to import energy.

Tribal lands have an estimated 535 Billion kWh/year of wind power generation potential. • Tribal lands have an estimated 17,000 Billion kWh/year of solar electricity generation potential, about 4.5 times total US annual generation. • Investing in renewable energy creates more jobs per dollar invested than fossil fuel energy. • Efficiency creates 21.5 jobs for every $1 million invested. • The costs of fuel for wind and solar power can be projected into the future, providing a unique opportunity for stabilizing an energy intensive economy

Efforts should be made to invest locally first‐ from training green jobs workers locally to using local building materials to producing energy locally, closing the financial loop will help revitalize Native America’s strangled economies, making them less vulnerable to volatile external costs and maximizing the positive impact of the new green revolution. A green jobs economy and a new, forward thinking energy and climate policy will transform tribal and other rural economies, and provide the basis for an economic recovery in the United States. In order to make this possible, we encourage the Obama Administration to provide incentives and assistance to actualize renewable energy development by tribes and Native organizations.

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