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AT: You Fracture Natives

Renewables development increases inter-tribe dialogue, which fosters communication and community building.

Meisen 13 (Peter, President of the Global Energy Network Institute, “Renewable Energy on Tribal Lands”, //RJ)
There is also the chance that a Tribe beginning the process of developing ¶ renewable energy may be able to find another Native American Tribe that has ¶ successfully completed a similar project and is willing to mentor the inexperienced Tribe ¶ on the technicalities of developing renewables on tribal lands. A mentoring Tribe would ¶ help an inexperienced Tribe determine what steps they need to take in order to achieve ¶ their goals and then provide advice on each step based on their experience. The ¶ advantage of tribal mentors comes from the fact that many of the difficulties faced by ¶ Tribes developing renewables are unique to tribal lands. Tribes that have successfully ¶ completed a project understand problems faced by Native American Tribes, whereas an ¶ outside consulting company might not. A Native American Tribe may have a greater understanding and respect for the tribal culture of the Tribe attempting a project. This ¶ allows for easier communication and can result in the Tribe developing the project being ¶ able to learn faster and more effectively. For these reasons, any Tribe planning to develop ¶ their renewable energy resource should learn as much as possible from other successful ¶ Native American Tribes who have developed their own renewable energy resources ¶ either from studying what they did, or more directly by being mentored by members of an ¶ experienced Tribe.

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