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Characteristics of the genre

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Characteristics of the genre:
A psychological novel is prose fiction that places unusual emphasis on interior characterization and on the motives, circumstances, and internal action that spring from, and develop, external action. Not content to state what happens, this novel goes on to explain the why of this action. In this type of writing, characterization is more than usually important.
Plot Summary: Write a good plot summary—just plot, no meaning.
St. Petersburg is a flat, featureless wasteland. Its buildings lack character and its streets are dismal alleyways rarely touched by daylight. Central to Crime and Punishment is Haymarket Square close to where the author lived for many years. An unbelievably filthy quarter, it is the gathering place of thieves, prostitutes and the like. Surrounding the square are the stalls from which are hawked all manner of merchandise of use only to the destitute. Dostoevsky conceives St. Petersburg like a map. He chooses a location and then strictly adheres to its dimensions.

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